Me & Kristin met up early and continued packing heaps of t-shirts. So happy and excited with our Sisterhood collection. Speaking to Kimberly who works for Kvinno Jouren in Varberg, she said they have eight new volunteers since FGL launched thw collection! It means a lot!

In the afternoon Emma came by, we were going through the lecture for our up coming event. She also helped us organise the T-shirts. Thanks for that!

A day to remember. Bless my little gran, Linnea, who sadly left us. She’s lived a long and happy life. Two months shy of 100 years old. Trying my best to stay strong, so grateful for the love and laughter we had together. She will be forever missed.

The days after Wednesday have been hard, there have been ups and downs of course.
Unfortunately I missed our Lecture Thursday night, but I heard it was great. Great feedback on how well Emma & Kristin presented it all. We are planning away for new dates so keep your eyes open for updates.

Spent the day in FGL Store. Thanks to all lovely costumers who always makes it so special.
There is a sale on right now, -30% off our Polka dot dresses. Don’t miss out!

Felt like a ‘lazy Sunday’ when waking up. The clocks have gone forward and we’re nw officially into spring time.
I’m soon going to pack my bags for few days in England.

Enjoy your Sunday.


This update contains advertising for my own buisness.


Me, Kristin and Emma have been planing away for our up coming lecture next week. It’s amazing that our event sold out straight away! So excited for it all! Working with like minded souls is always fun,
Kristin and I have done a DISC analysist test with Emma recently and it was not a chock that both were dominant yellow. (+ a mix of the other colours, more about that next week)

Yellow Personality Tendencies

  • Optimism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Makes good impressions
  • Verbally articulate
  • Likes to help others
  • Creates entertaining climate

Yellow Personality Weaknesses

  • Following through
  • Overestimating results
  • Misjudging capabilities
  • Talks too much
  • Acts impulsively
  • Jumps to conclusions
  • Over commits
  • Acts first, thinks second

Here is some more facts regarding DISC Theory:
‘Human behavior is not cut and dry or black and white, which is why DISC theory consists of a combination of these DISC Personality Styles.

It’s possible, but rare that someone only has Dominance within their Personality Traits, but more likely that they have Dominance as the highest factor, with Steadiness as a secondary factor, and a little bit of Influence as a third.
Taking into account someone’s primary, secondary, tertiary and even absent personality traits allows us to see the unique blend of their DISC personality types and how this affects their every day actions, preferences in different environments, communication with others, ability to organize, reactions or avoidance to conflict, and more.
By understanding someone’s DISC personality blend, we can take proactive steps to placing that person in environments where they’ll feel comfortable and empowered, approach them in a way that they’ll react positively to, and better understand and predict their actions and reactions in general. Human behavior is complex, yet predictable’

It’s the “color palette of the personality”.
The DISC Theory research that Marston conducted in the 1920’s continues today to give us great insight into human behavior and DISC Personality Types.

I have about 40 pages to read about my ‘DISC’ personality, I can only say I’m looking forward to getting a better understanding of myself, a tool for life. This is what we will discuss next week on our event.

I stayed a bit longer after we closed tonight, such a nice office space.

A lot more events coming up so check our site out,  FGL Store. We released a workshop with Lisa Burenius. I can tell you a bit more about that tomorrow.



More greens to the people!

We ended the week with an after work .Both me and Kristin have been so jet laged, but that didn’t stop us –  The release of our Sisterhood collection had to be done.
Which turned out to be a huge success! T H A N K S  to all of you!

We wanted to celebrate a little with friends yesterday so FGL Store turned into a living room full with friends.
So many nice souls came by – life always feels extra special having sweet conversations with friends.

Karolin’s super happy because she’s moving down under in three weeks time – Lucky her! She surely will be missed here. But I know what great adventure awaits her, so I am more excited because of that, loved my years in Sydney!

We had no casserole for the soup or even a blender 30 minutes before everyone came -Kristin had to go and buy some stuff. Typical us!

When cooking to a bigger group of people I enjoy making a soup, especially if you don’t really know how many is coming. Soup is perfect for these occasions because it’s always nice to have some left overs! Tastes even better one or two days later.

Yesterday I made my personal fave.
Green Pea Soup with a Herb creme

  • 600 gr frozen green peas
  • 2 diced onions
  • some fresh chili
  • 2 cloves of garlic

Fry all this in some butter/oil for 2-3 min. Add:

  • 8-10 dl water
  • veg stock
  • 1 squeezed lemon
  • salt & pepper
  • 2-3 dl sour cream / cream whatever you have really

Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Blend it all – Voila! If you have some white wine, add that too!
With this I made a herb creme as it gives the soup an extra touch of flavour

Herb Creme

  • 3dl sour creme/ or mayo / use what you have in the fridge
  • 1 squeezed lemon
  • some honey
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Fresh mint / chives / parsley don’t be shy! use a lot.

Boil some eggs, cut in half and serve with the soup! Don’t forget the levain bread.

Check Krisin’s blog for another recipe from today’s hang out!


Sisterhood Collection

8th of March. International Womens Day.

It was meant to be today – the release of our new collection Sisterhood,
Last week when planning, we simply said Thursday next week will be good, enough time to finish it all. Turned out it is International Womans day! How fantastic, it feels extra special!

The collection is very close to our hearts.
FGL have been working very hard for the past 6 months to make this happen.
The tee’s have their own power names, such as Speak UpBe strongFreedom to mention a few.

We want to share with you what we believe the right to freedom is for all women.

-It is to not be afraid of being physically and mentally abused and raped in your own home.
Everyone is entitled to feel free – without fear.
Everywhere – but above all in your own home.
This is a right and at the same time stating the obvious.

Therefore, at FGL Store we have created a collection to draw attention to this taboo subject.
Above all, to highlight the problem in our society. We want to share knowledge, encourage civil courage and commitment. This is our way of reaching out to people.
Violence in homes must be prevented and stopped.
Together with Women’s Shelter in Varberg, we aim to highlight the information below.
Our thoughts are that many would like to help out – but don’t really know how.

If you hear or see a woman being physically assaulted, call the police immediately. You can remain anonymous. Simply reacting when you hear or see something that worries you, may save someone’s life.

• If you suspect that a woman is being abused – reach out a hand. Offer support.  Be prepared to be rejected. But on the day she needs to escape a destructive relationship, she’s likely to contact you.

• All women need an escape plan for the day that they have enough courage and strength to leave. You can call the women’s shelter and ask for advice if you are unsure about how to get help for an abused woman.

• The Women’s Shelter always needs volunteers.  It could be to take calls from the hotline 3-4 times a year or give your time when & where the Women’s Shelter spreads information.

• The Women’s Shelter is always in need of cellphones, ipads, diapers, hygiene articles and basic supplies plus somewhere to store these items.

• Most importantly, they need housing – so women have a chance to start a new life.

• Maybe companionship is something you can offer. Have a coffee or go for a walk.


With all our love,




Tomorrow will be extra special.

Tomorrow, on International Women day, we release our Sisterhood Collection. It feels extra special this time as we have put further thought into this project.

End of summer 2017, Kristin and I spoke about wanting T-shirts in our store. We had few thoughts and design ideas. Then over lunch we started to put thoughts into action, lucky us to have a friend who is a design illustrator. GREAT! Lots of love to you Jennie! You helped to make it happen !
One day later we visited Jennys studio, she had few sketches of our ideas and it was love at first sight!

We have been in India a few times now and have seen many poor women. WE NEEDED TO START A PROJECT! With a damn good cause! Time to take action – The Sisterhood collection was born.

The whole Autumn there has been so much truth regarding #metoo. Peoples incredible pain has now become general knowledge after so many brave women spoke up about their horrific experiences.

These are some of the reasons why we wish to help women and children in need.
Yesterday we met the three ladies behind Kvinnojouren i Varberg  
Starting from tomorrow – with every purchase from our Sisterhood Collection 10% of the profits will be donated directly to them.

Head over to Kristin to read about her own story, thanks for sharing. You are a very brave and strong woman!
More information tomorrow about this subject and how you can make a difference!
Thanks for reading,


Days spent at FGL Store

Still a bit unreal to have your own place, like FGL Store. We’re so in love. Everytime we sit and work in the store we always say how lucky we are to have this place!
The energy you get from being there is great. Must be the blue colour, or something in the walls.

FGL is our baby, the feed back we get is massive – thanks to our great costumers.
It means a lot.
From the start to the finish line, products are made with so much love and respect in Jaipur, we are very proud to be selling such beautiful things. Slow fashion as it’s best.

As creative producers, passionate about mother earth, it is a privilege to promote ethical choices without sacrificing quality or esthetic.

We wanna create a basic wardrobe that lasts for a long time.
Not something you throw away after few months because you are tired of it..

We need to re think when it comes to consumption in our everyday life.
When being conscious about the small things, you soon make big difference in the long run.
Almost all our interior in FGL is vintage. Weekly visits to the vintage shops have filled our shop with all the furniture we need.

Do you have tips regarding being conscious? I’m happy to hear all about it,  sharing is the best.

All the best,



When me and Kristin are taking photos we never really plan the shoot before hand.
It’s always spontanous, we find a corner or a wall that goes well with the colours of our clothes.

Hair is messy, nail varnish might abraded, some times we don´t even wear make up.
But that’s ok.  Everything is not perfect. The beautiful is the simplest of things.

We have been working on a new collection of tee’s called SISTERHOOD, soon to be launched in FGL Store.  In five different designs.  Our great friend Jennie Blomqvist illustrated the prints for us.
When buying a T-shirt you will help and support women in need.
More about the project next week when we release the collection.

This is from one morning in Venice.


I’m boarding the plane home to Sweden as we speak.  See you again when I’m back home.






Welcome to my life

Hi, almost a week ago I slowly started to update my site to be able to share some stories with you before I introduced myself.
I’m currently in LA for work. Had a few days off to hang out with lovely friends.
Very blessed to have friends all over the world. That’s  why I’ve choosen to write in English to reach out to many more of you, my friends and family, you’re all over our gorgeous world.

Photo credit: Kristin Lagerqvist

I’m 34, living in a house just outside Varberg with my boyfriend Jacob and our six hens.
I drive an old Volvo which I love cause in the summer we make it into a camper van.

If I had to discribe myself, I would say I see the positive  rather than the negatives. Animals fill my heart except for spiders!
Favourite food is lebanese. Choosing to eat greens for the health benefits and empathy of the animals.
I tend to work alot and always have been, I love being busy! Stress comes when I don´t know what´s next.
Days spent on the sea that’s my happy place. It calms me.  I’d rather sunbathe than swim because I don’t like to be cold.
Ever since I was tiny I always had a strong need to do things myself. ( a can do attitude from early on)  Mum told me when I was five she wanted to clean my room, but I told her off and she was not allowed anymore.
Started cooking food early on too,  thanks to that I was a chef for over 15 years.
Guessing the description  ‘creative weirdo’ suits me.
I’m never completly satisfied, could be that who drives me forward. Also curiosity.

So for now, being one of the owners of FGL store, designer, model, influencer and a storyteller, that should keep me busy!

Happy you made it this far, hope you will enjoy following me here.
Extra thanks to my partner in crime Kristin who encouraged me to take this step. 





Being our own

I was in LA for seven days before Kristin joined. We’ve been talking about a trip to LA for a long time. I’m so happy we are finally here!

Just today we were saying how lucky we are to be able to do this for a living.
Being the ones who design the clothes, take and edit the pictures, promote them, model them -everything,  all in. A dream come true!

All Photos my: Kristin Lagerqvist

Although, there are busy days for sure. You need to be pretty sharp and focused.
Those long days are okay as long as you’re doing what you love.

Sofia is taking us to the best restaurants ever. Gjusta to mention one, but that place need it’s own update.
Sofia has been living in LA for 11 years now and knows where to go. Our days start with a hike, really good for your brain! Fresh air from 7am, who doesn’t love that?

I will make an update about lovely Sofia soon, there is so much to tell!
LA is surely the place to be when you wants to explore, meet people and have fun.
Magical if you ask me.

I have so much to share from my days here.
Our first shoot with FGL upcoming clothing collection started at fourth Street Santa Monica.

Clothes: FGL Store Shoes: Scorett Official

Finishing by saying : I’ve got the best job ever.