slow slow pace

Kristin & I certainly getting better on taking it a bit more slow nowadays.
Today was spent by the ocean for a tiny shoot.
I can’t complain on anything with my job!

We’ve worked together for some years now, time does fly cause this spring it’s already 7 years! We were employed at the hotel in Varberg back in the days, and that’s where we met.

Our tiny city Varberg, you are some kind of beautiful aren’t you ?
Don’t let the sunny photo trick you, it was freaking bloody cold!
Our fingers turned blue almost!

Outside FGL our biggest collection was delivered.
We are so excited to work with this the next couple of weeks.
Such a fine collection, softer colours – & not only blue!

After all these years in front of the camera I swear, there must be 10.000 photos of me shutting my eyes. Above is one anyway.
The next couple of months we’re booked up on many fun projects together.
Today we started with one of them and it’s gonna be released by next week.

I felt so happy and strong today for the first time in a long time.
I wrote last week about the high fever and feeling low –
On thursday morning I ended up in the hospital for few days due to a nasty infection which they couldn’t locate. I was surely looked after, almost spoilt. Varberg hospital is great.
Fever is gone and I feel like I’m getting back to my normal self again.

A day spent with Kristin and our FGL surely made me both happier and stronger. Yes!


Funny Swedes

To get a Swede social in winter time you organize a 15- o’clock fika.
We never miss out on a ”kaffe & kaka” .

Marlene Kristin & I had a meeting before we opened. Marie came with her brand new pottery, we all we’re amazed over the plate with blue roses.
Busy talking about this and that so I forgot to take photos really.
Today was only about being social and hang out.
15-o’clock fika is the best.
To describe a fika for a non swede is like what a cold beer in the pub is if you’re english, or perhaps a ginger kombucha if you’re an american.
That’s what a fika is for a swede.

Everyone loves Fruvintage11kaffe. Fine coffee beans with a good cause, you support läkarmissionen if you buy a bag! Such a fine gesture.
Always nice to hang out with lovely Marlene, so gentle and thoughtful.
Finn got a gift from her – his very own kånken bag.

Marie were selling ceramics like crazy and looking after Finn.
You can visit her shop if you wish to buy online.

I do think the rose plate will be the new best seller.
Tiny semla buns from our dear neighbour, konditoributiken. She made so many semlas, both swedish and icelandic! Both were a treat!
First I was unsure if we were going to finish all of them, but we did!

Such a nice Wednesday afternoon.

I love how Kristin always goes all in! Stripes with stripes! is the new black!

Michelle & Bea busy talking secrets 😉 .
Thanks for coming today, loved it!


15 o’clock coffee

Hello there!
It’s wednesday already and that means an open shop.
Today is a special day cause Marlene & Marie are joining us.
We decided to open FGL a bit earlier than usual so doors will be open from 15 o’clock.
Marlene is selling her fruvintage11 kaffe and Marie her pottery.
Konditoributiken who is our neighbour at brukstorget has given us Semlas for the coffee today, lucky us!
I really hope to see you at the store sometime today.
You can’t miss out on a 3kaffe!

On the sunniest day last week we released Apelviken jumper – and the respons has been lovely. I hope that you will love these sweaters as much as we do, so comfy! An over sized jumper is always very useful.

Lovely little Finn boy.
Always with me while I’m working. Talk about slow pase nowadays, but it’s perfectly ok, cause who needs to stress 2019. Not us.
What could take an hour takes about four hours, haha!
But like my friend said the other day;
Becoming a parent means let go of your own ego. It’s not about you anymore.
I totally agree.

At FGL we got the best sofa for feeding Finn.
..or to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

See you at 15 o-clock.

This week

(this update contains collaboration with Holditbrand)

We’re on the last day of February already, can’t believe it. Time goes by so quickly. The hardest months of the year is done. Puh!
The week has been warm and sunny. We’ve been out walking more than before. So nice. The light outside gives us much energy.

Kristin and I released a new Jumper in FGL. It’s very nice and already very popular.

Finn was the cutest. Lots of smiles in the day. Had to steal Kristin photos cause I forgot my camera at work – how silly!
The sale in our shop is going strong still – ending this Sunday morning 8am. Check it out if you havn’t already.

Got updates from my friend Olof who’s in Japan working away with Holdit. They are very popular over there which is so cool I think. A company based in Varberg who’s popular in Japan.
Holdit’s new collection of cases Tokyo is inspired from just Tokyo.

I’ve been an ambassador for them since may last year. Right now on my instagram stories you can buy the cases I’ve been working with . I thought I can sell them and give money to charity. Helping others in need should we all do a bit more often – very important.

These are two of my favourites – if you would like to buy a case you help me raise money to children in Kongo to get a whole days treatment in the hospital for only 60sek. Thank you läkarmissionen for making a change in the world.

I’m hoping to raise enough money for at least 20 children.
Check my instagram for more pictures and information.

Lucca the wireless charger is my new favourite. I just put my phone on the Qi charger and it’s very quick to charge up, what’s really good as well it’s when the phone is 100% charged it stops giving your phone power which means – you save energy.

Thank you and good bye February – I’m very excited for what’s waiting in March.

This weekend

“reklam för egen verksamhet”

Today is spent at FGL all day. We have a big sale going on and a workshop with Lisa B today and tomorrow.

Frida & I been packing orders like crazy this week and I think we just hit a record with visitors online! Wow! So much fun.

Yesterday I prepped the soup for the weekends event.
My green pea soup. I shared the recipe once before right here.

Days spent in the shop makes me so happy and filled with energy. I’m very happy that Finn enjoys it in there to, FGL is much bigger compared to our house so it makes it a bit more easy walking around also a change of scenery.

Tones of things to look at for Finn as well, and he likes being on the move every second. Sitting down is not his cup of tea.

and I can sneak of to breast feed in a corner..

There is still few things to grab on the sale –

These maxi dresses for exemple.

or the Varberg set.

You find it all here.
Hope to see you today we’re open between 11-15 and straight after opening hours the workshop starts.