Kustfolk day 2

With over 1500 visitors the first day we were over the moon happy !
Day 2 was here and it was busy from start till finish.

Jennie & Liz was excited.
Liz my cousin is a hair dresser and a NLP coach.
If in need if some coaching or getting your hair done I can highly recomend Liz. She’s the best!

The 3 owners of Clart Studio is Lisa Jennie & Frida, great each one of them but amazing together! Love their studio.

Everything at Clart studio is fun colourful and beautiful. All made by lisa jennie or frida.

I had no time to take any photos really, just before we opened up in the morning. Miss Janna Swim wear is getting her monter ready. How cool is it that she make her swim wear of recycled fishing nets! 

Varberg Verket were outdoors this weekend.
I know they sold out both days – we were lucky with the weather indeed.

These buns above was not bad at all.

Patternplan. Anette is always so kind and lovely.

Finn got lucky I bought him a new body from Frida Clerhage.

When I came home on Sunday night I didn’t move from the sofa.
My heart was full but my body was tired.
Meeting more than 2000 people in two days takes a lot of energy
I started this post in the night but didn’t get down before today. hahah!

Kustfolk 2019 was a success and we’re planning for a new event later this year.

Thank you for joining us peeps, till next time.



What a success! Just got back home after a very buzy and amazing day at KUSTFOLK.
I’m out of words to be honest.

Thanks to everyone who came by today, you are so amazing!
Love all the lovin’!
We had about 1500 visitors and hoping for at least the same tomorrow!
I barely left FGL cause we were so busy but here’s some photos of our day together.

Marie with her pottery – Axkonst och keramik is in our store this weekend.
& tomorrow my cousin Liz will join in to. To do hair cuts and ‘quick fix’ perhaps you wanna cut a fringe? Liz will fix.

Super nice coffee from Slöinge Kafferosteri.

The yummiest buns from Verket! She sold out so quickly, but she went a made some more! such a super baker.

Lovely Hanna sold out on her books and plants! But promised to stock up till tomorrow.

Emma V Brömssen & Götefors was there with Emmas beautiful pillows and pottery.
Tomorrow I will take some samples of her wall papers, we’re renovating a whole house now and I know Jake & I wants one or two designs from her!

Annas ceramics. Love it all! She had some jewellery and clothes to. One to follow @anotherblog.se

Jenny vexala’s sweaters . How cool!
Kollijox & Krickelin bought one each straight away.
I wanted to buy the grey with 3/4 arms, in the picture up to the far left but that was gone when I came back!

Fiddeli help us at FGL all day! Thank you darling, you kept the shop looking nice all all day long.
Beata and Doris the dog came by, Bea is wearing our Apelviken Jumper. Such a nice sweater.

Jake & Finkel .

Come and say hi tomorrow, or perhaps treat yourself to a little hair cut, a coffee! or some art! we have it all.

Much love,


FGL this easter

Friends. You find me Finn & Karolin in the store today between
11-14 o’clock.

We just released lots of news so swing by if you have the chance, store is full!
Perhaps you need a new cool shirt for the nights dinner.
Kristin & I were on the beach late one night for a shoot.
+16 degrees and sunshine gave us pretty magical photos.

Läjet Blouse

Läjet Blouse

Läjet blouse in black is truly a keeper. Perfect for every occasion.

Subbe Fyr Blazer

I’m sure this beige blazer will be our best seller this spring.
Come by and say hi!

Wishing you all a happy easter!

my day at work

It’s not boring going to work on a Saturday.

Shop is always busy and today was extra special cause
Maja & Maika was joined us.
Elisabeth started her buisness last autumn making dish cloths and beeswax wraps and been busy since the start.
Shop was full from 11 o’clock and many was very curious of Maja & Maika. I understand why cause it’s great products!
No one likes aluminum/plastic foil nor dish cloths unless they are sustainable and non plastic!
Elisabeth makes these at home in her kitchen.

When we posted on FGL’s instagram on Thursday, Elisabeth sold out within couple of hours and had to make a new batch in the middle of the night in order to have some for the pop up today.

”Beeswax wrap is a natural and reusable alternative to plastic and aluminum foil. The foil is made of cotton that has been treated with beeswax, resin and coconut oil. The beeswax and the anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil give the foil a very good ability to keep your food fresh.
The beeswax foil is easy to clean so you can reuse it. Hand wash cloths in cold water with a mild, environmentally friendly detergent. Let them air dry or wipe with a towel”

I think this is something every house hold should have at home, plastic should be banned.

On Saturdays we have coffee and cakes available for those who wants a cup. It’s popular by husbands waiting for their ladies. ” -just gonna try one dress at FGL ” ten dresses later..
so coffee is well appricieted.

The cutest visitor today for sure.

Bringing Finn to work is great, FGL’s visitors = mamas.
So a very happy baby getting a lot of attention.

Bea – had to buy our blue Apelviken jumper.
– I just need to treat myself.
Good choice, Bea!

Bea is one of the two owners of Blomsterbaren just next door to us.
Always lovely to visit them. A blooming shop.

Thanks for today ! You all made my day.


slow slow pace

Kristin & I certainly getting better on taking it a bit more slow nowadays.
Today was spent by the ocean for a tiny shoot.
I can’t complain on anything with my job!

We’ve worked together for some years now, time does fly cause this spring it’s already 7 years! We were employed at the hotel in Varberg back in the days, and that’s where we met.

Our tiny city Varberg, you are some kind of beautiful aren’t you ?
Don’t let the sunny photo trick you, it was freaking bloody cold!
Our fingers turned blue almost!

Outside FGL our biggest collection was delivered.
We are so excited to work with this the next couple of weeks.
Such a fine collection, softer colours – & not only blue!

After all these years in front of the camera I swear, there must be 10.000 photos of me shutting my eyes. Above is one anyway.
The next couple of months we’re booked up on many fun projects together.
Today we started with one of them and it’s gonna be released by next week.

I felt so happy and strong today for the first time in a long time.
I wrote last week about the high fever and feeling low –
On thursday morning I ended up in the hospital for few days due to a nasty infection which they couldn’t locate. I was surely looked after, almost spoilt. Varberg hospital is great.
Fever is gone and I feel like I’m getting back to my normal self again.

A day spent with Kristin and our FGL surely made me both happier and stronger. Yes!