This is us

FGL store, our baby turning two years old this week. 2 years as a physical store, 6 years online! Wowza! Hooray. Celebrations right here. h

From now on we’re gonna be better to talk about our business.
Share all the good things we stand for and what we do differently to others.

We’re going through a massive change.
Change might might not be the word, more structured perhaps,
Structure to help us to become better.
With structure comes balance and balance is surely the key.

We’ve been working for 6 years now and time flies.
What I think we could do better from now on is to ask for more help,
Kristin & I have always been doing everything on our own.
Start till finish line.
We can surely be better asking for help, things that ‘steel’ our time in order to be better on what we do the best.

This year I felt super grateful and proud over the journey we’ve done . From where we started till where we are today.
FGL is known worldwide, still a tiny company but with huge potential to reach more people. What we do is unique and more deserve to know about us. Our clothing is clean and good for your skin, easy as that.

Emma & Jenny two common friends, Not only friends, we are working together right now as well.
They will give us the right tools and guiding us through this project.
Med Jenny #kreativstruktur & med Emma #strategi&företagskultur

A ‘normal’ business would work with one coach at a time but FGL has two -it’s too completely different ones, and it just happened to be at the same time. I tell you more into details next time.

Working with coaching is tough, they ask you questions you sometimes don’t know the answer for straight away, they give you home work, and gives you new prospective on things. Really interesting.
We need that for sure.

Probably not going to be fun all the way through but I’m sure it will give us a lot of tools that will be spot on.

To be continued.. x

All photos taken by Jenny Brandt Grönberg.

FGL shoot

My start the other morning was rather tough.
I was going into the city to work with FGL and our shoot.
We planned it for a while ‘if the weather was going to be ok, but storm and 20 mm of rain didn’t look to good for the shoot Sunday Monday, so last night Kristin & I texted each other about it and said the shoot needs to be changed, said and done.
12 h laters a make up artist hair dresser and 2 models were with us at FGL 08 o’clock in the morning.
Me & Finks were off course late.
Mornings are hard to rush around when having a baby.
When we practice on eating it takes time.
Finn is getting better though, and I can happily say he eats more day by day.
So first we had breakfast. Then mom cleaned the mess.
Then a big poop happened and I had to change all the clothes once again. Then a little puke and after that we were off. #momlife

Coming to a busy FGL, Kristin & Molly were getting make up and hair done. Johanna the photographer were fixing with all the clothes for the morning.

I started to follow Jenny this spring I think it was. She was living in Sydney for a bit so I was drawling over her life there, ( dreaming back )
IG is so good! I thought of her since I knew she was doing make up – a text later and she was available.

Usually we take all our own photos but this time Johanna helped us out. And we had Molly and Merry as models for the day as well.
Time for a change in FGL. It always been me and Kristin but using different agees and bodie shapes are super good! and fun for us as well,
( after 6 years you get kinda fed up with seeing yourself on the pictures all the time) so hopefully this shoot will give FGL an ‘extra spark’ and you guys will enjoy the new faces .

sorry for the blurry picture, it was so cute so wanted to share it anyways.
Merry is a common friend we have. She has the biggest heart. Beautiful inside out.

Kristin was organizing it all Wednesday night, all the clothes were ironed, named and hung up.
For the first time in FGL history there was a well planned todo list for the whole morning. Kristin been super organized and planned every detail. great job! wohhooo!
I can highly recommend using the notes in the Iphone, we only work with our todo’s in there. Easy as.

Mollie Minott. Cute as sugar, voice like no other.
We met in the spring when she was the artist for ‘ett mjukare varberg’ .
We know she likes FGL and thought we wanted to see if you wanted to join the team – lucky us she was available.

Wonder how many photos Johanna managed to take today? She was a champion. Guiding us through the whole morning. I’m very excited to see the result.

Finn was enjoying the day – being spoilt with 7 girls. Thanks for helping me with him.

Ellen turned 19 this Thursday morning and were off school.

When things are meant to be it’s always easy.
She was also looking after Finn. He slept most of the time, which made it very easy for my heart.

My fave dress.

Another thing that was completely new – MY HAIR. it’s short!

I dared to cut it off. Been on my mind since 2 years back,
chopping 25 cm off been scary just thinking about it but I had enough.
It was time. Now when it’s short I wonder why I always been feeling so scared cutting it off, it grows out.

Having different models feels so good and fun! I can’t wait to see the result.
These pictures below were my favorite from my camera.
Merry you babe.

Before I end this I wanna share one more thing! FGL Store turns 2 years today so we have plenty of fine deals going on this coming week starting from today. Visit Kristin & Madde in the store, open 10-14.

Thanks to all of you,

We did it good! x

Födelsedag & Staycation

Hi team,

Last week or it could be two weeks ago I said I was back here, but been so busy the last couple of days and it’s hard to find time to sit down for myself .
Will give it try tonight to share about my birthday weekend.

Really wanted to go away for the night so we were booked into Kusthotellet in Varberg. Like the best gift to yourself to be honest.

”Staycation” is truly magical. No travel time, it’s quick and easy to get to when you spend time in your own city.
Varberg is beautiful place indeed and sometimes it’s easy to forget that the beauty is right in front of you.

Let me share some photos of our day and night.

Kusthotellet is a spa hotel located in Varberg only 52 steps from the water front.

Finn was very pleased checking into this hotel . Never seen him soo excited being away from home before.

There where no stop’in him.
Happy baby – very happy parents.

Just after this photo was taken I took my robe and went down to the beach for a dip.

It was 15 degrees in the water . Felt very fresh and ready for a massage shortly after.

Havn’t been this spoilt since my last birthday. Well deserved, cause mama feel rather tired. ( haha, parenthood. )

It got dark during our dinner so I didn’t take any more photos more than these two.
A Lovely 3 course dinner was served and Finn was fast a sleep just before the mains came out.

Treating yourself for a night in your home town hotel is very nice. We said to do this more often. It was very nice to see Finn so satisfied as well.
Made it all so easy. Kusthotellet has a big playroom so Finn was in paradise. New toys to play with is the best!

The next morning I woke 36 years young. We had a yummy breakfast to start with, followed by spa for the 3 of us.

In the mornings kids are aloud in the spa between 8-10. Perfect, cause Finn loves water.

All 3 of us had so much fun and we could relax even with a 9 months old, since the hotel offered things to do for Finn as well it made it all so easy.

Playing in the pool makes you tired, indeed – Finn past out when we were back in the room.

I wouldn’t mind staying here for a couple of days more to really stress down. The walks around Kust is the best in Varberg. Between the walks you can have a dip in the sea and enjoy the sauna afterwards.
Or perhaps an hour in the gym. Options there.
It’s a beautiful walk into the city center and close to a few restaurants by the water front as well which makes it to the perfect location.

With this I would like to say, treat yourself with a staycation! So easy and fun to explore your own city as a ”visitor” .

Wanna see some more from Kust, just click here.

Thanks Kusthotellet, we see you soon again! xx

Baby björn

This is a payed collaboration with Baby Björn.
I can’t believe it has been over 6 months since we started our collaboration together.

Here, let me tell you how it all started.
One day I received an email regarding the collaboration. The amazing Baby Björn team were thinking it could be the perfect timing, as I was pregnant and they where hoping for pictures to be taken before our little boy was born.
I read this email 8 days past my due date… I was very happy for the email and replied straight away, basically wrote back saying ”if you think the bed could be here by tomorrow, it would be great, because I may give birth any second now!”.
Said and done, Finn’s bed was boxed and in our hallway by Friday afternoon, and luckily I was home to receive it.
It was the weekend before Christmas and it was possibly the darkest day of the year. Felt anxious that I wouldn’t be able to deliver the photos they asked for.

Saturday morning surprised us with it’s bright and warming rays so we were able to take the photos, with me still pregnant.

I loved every step of my pregnancy. Began to struggle with the lack of sleep.
Seeing these photos makes me so happy and emotional, that feeling just before having your baby is like no other.

and so little did I know here, what was about to come.

Great to get the final piece of the baby puzzle for Finn.
A bed for him to grow up with.
The excitement here was truly unexplainable.

Time flew by and spring was here, welcoming our baby boy. Already growing too fast. Finn is a happy, happy chappy, which we are so grateful for.

In the beginning we moved this bed into our livingroom and used it in the afternoon when he slept for a bit longer during the days.
It’s lite weight so very easy to move around and change its location.

It’s a lot to think of at the start of becoming a parent. The list is rather long.
A good and safe bed is near the top of the list for sure.

This bed is adjustable so when Finn starting to stand up we can lower the ‘floor’ so he can’t climb out. The fabric that covers the bed is made of a breathable mesh so you can have peace of mind if your baby starts to roll over.

Having a bed that lasts for a long time feels good.
Finn can use his until around two years of age.

Good luck with your purchase to your special baby, we got both the bed, their bouncer and Baby carrier from Babybjörn.
Good quality that last long and are safe is the key for sure.


Back in business

A long paus on the blog. I needed that.
To be honest I have been hard finding the right energy to post anything.
Even on my own instagram as well. Been stuck and feed up on posting things about myself.
Lots of things are happening around us and to document and share every move I havn’t really been up for it. But finally, today is the day for a new update.

I wanted to share my love to our company FGL Store and the people who makes it possible for us.

Few news coming into FGL Store this weekend.
Our best pieces so far, I think.
The pattern, the colours are something completely different to earlier.
Unreal amount of hours has been put into every piece.

14 different screens are used to get this amazing print.
6 artisans printed 100 meters a day, it took 15 days to complete only the printing.
Let me know if you can find something this well made from another store?

FGL is so unique guys, I need to pinch my arm 3-4 times daily to understand what we do here. We are ahead of everyone else.
Natural dyes, wooden blocks that are carved out to make our pattern,
By HAND ! The fabric is dried outside in the sunlight,
it’s a hands on production from start till finish.

Thank god for being a slow fashion buisness, who has no worries about being ”trendy” or work with ”spring” ”summer” ”winter collections. A long lasting wardrobe should be on everyones mind.
I get so tired and sad of all the sales around us. Daily texts and emails about 50% of the sales price?! sad isn’t?

FGL piecec are here to stay.
and you will see the same collection next year.and probably next year.
Easy as that.

Thanks to myself & my partner Kristin and our team in Jaipur that are very talented, we have something really unique.

The shirt and dress seen in the pictures above will be available by this weekend.
Read more about the production here.


(This update is a payed collaboration with my own business FGL Store).
All photos are taken by Jenny Brandt.