Var dig skelv

Look at the words where I’m sat.
‘var dig skelv’ meaning be yourself.
So cute & so true.
Lately I’ve been wearing our skirt like 24/7. And the other day I went to Kristin quickly to leave some parcels, she was wearing exactly the same outfit but in blue.

Our little space has become so nice lately. Bring your family and play games outside our shops, perfect ! Jennie & I was working in our stores last week.
We said to have a coffee or two outside but it got to busy.

We did talk about this above thou, how important it is to be yourself.

Lisa got lots of new tee’s ready for you guys. I was lucky to get the green one in the front. They are available in kids sizes to now.

On Friday a lady tried on our lounge pants, and said how she was going to wear them later that same day and it crossed my mind I never used them as everyday wear before. I must say it was a hit cause few customers bought these and the Kåsa blouse on Saturday.

it was me & Engla working this day, we had 30 min that was quiet so we snapped few photos.
I’m Englas god mother and how on earth could she soon be 17! it’s fun working together, she’s soon that same age I was when I found out her mom was pregnat with her. Time flies!

Kärra skirt. So beautiful! Made of fine habutai silk.

The maxi dress have almost been with us since start. Such a ‘timeless’ dress. Perfect for every occassion.

This last pictures was a bit blurry, sorry! But I wanted to share cause this is Englas favourite set .
‘ I love this skirt and it’s perfect together with Varberg knit. 

True that.

Now it’s time to end this busy week! Hoping for a more relaxed week.


(reklam för egen verksamhet)

Working together

This update is a collaboration with Scorett official.

Kristin & I collaborates with Scorett official this spring, and we’re super happy about it.
Scorett is based here in Varberg and it’s started back in 1997. Nice to work with a local company.

Varberg is a fantastic city when it comes to entrepenours.
Simulurly minded people who are happy to support one another. Team work is the best work.

Kristin wearing a sneaker from the swedish brand Läeder .
Läeder by Nature stands for an sustainable design.
Their knowledge about great craftmanship runs in 4 generations and they honor the tradition of working with leather construction that has been practised since 1000 years. They are experts with a sustainable production .

Hedda Felt Vegan. ( coming later in May )
The slip in’s I’m wearing are vegan friendly. Made of recycled pet bottles.
Y E S – this is so good!
Love when things are re:used.

We spent our day together in the heart of the city, just by the water front. Varberg is a small place indeed and we’ve got some magical spots.
Glashyttan is one.
We stopped by and enjoyed a cup of coffee and to heat up.
Lucky us it was pretty warm inside cause we were frozen into our bones.

Coastal winds can be super fresh and on the day we were working we were with those winds.

Just after we left we found a field of flowers.

You find all our shoes right here.

Another stop was our favourite spot, Damernas.

Did you know a dip in the ocean every day is very good for your health? If you want to improve your life on all fronts, think about taking a dip in the sea. It will be one of the best decisions that you make, the feeling afterwards is great!

It increases your libido your immune system, it’s good for your circulation, it reduces stress + a lot more.

Kristin never say no to a cold dip in the sea.
In Varberg we have a lot of stops a long the promenad. You can easily go for a swim on your lunch break.

I’m very curious to see if any of you handed in shoes in any of Scorett’s stores?
The shoe reuse project is such a great thing! Tell your friends about it so we all can help others in need !

Here is the full video we made the day of the shoot.
Hope you like it!


Spring time+new hair

In proud collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional.

Days are finally warmer and it feels like Sweden is in bloom.
Even I feel hopeful. My favourite season has just started.
This time a year I’m keen for a change. My hair was in an awful state.
Dry, dark and in need of some care.
Ida + Schwarzkopf Professional certainly is the perfect combo.

It’s a lot of hair too.

This visit was a bit different to last time cause Finn was with me.
He was super happy during the whole time. Karolin was with us as well so he was well looked after. It would of been hard otherwise spending 3 hours at the hair dresser.

Finn enjoys the mirror. Always gets super excited when he see him self.

This time we bleeched my roots and gave my hair a cool blonde look, with some purple roots.


Using fibreplex whilst lightening protects your hair from breakage.
It minimising hair breakage by up to 94%. 
Fibreplex sets colourists free from the fear of compromising hair quality during the chemical process.
I remember when I did high lights back in the days, mid 90’s, you could almost garentee you would ruine your hair doing high ligths!

My hair has never been as strong as it is now. Fibreplex has given it so much strenght! It’s unreal.

I always use Blondeme’s Shampoo + conditioner.
Once a week I leave in the conditioner for 10 min to give my hair extra strenght. My hair truly loves Schwarzkopf Professional and so do I.

Check my instagram stories for more pictures and updates.


In proud collaboration with Scorett Official.
This update is an important one, it will give you tips on how to look after your shoes and how to make them last longer! Great news for your wallet, oh and the environment.
There’s not always a need to buy new when you can easily look after those you already have!

I’m wearing Starlily sneakers Knut.

For a while now I’ve been using these sneakers, THEY’RE WHITE! As you know white shoes don’t stay white for long, but with Scorett’s Nr.1 cleaner you are giving your sneakers a good chance of looking like new for much longer, with not much effort.

The first thing to do with your new pair of shoes is to coat them with a protection oil. Oiling protects against rain, snow, dirt and everyday stains without impairing the shoe’s breathability. For smooth leather, suede, and textile, use Nr.2 neutral wax.

Suede shoes – I  have always been afraid of buying in this type of material because I found it so hard to look after them once they got dirty.
Not anymore though, Kristin & I were pleasantly surprised whilst using Scorett’s cleaning block the other day. Kristins light blue shoes were covered in mud, so after giving them a scrub with the block and applying the conditioner, honestly, they looked brand new. 

Our pumps are from K.Cobler – you’ll find them


Reuse is an exclusive collection of used shoes – for both men & women.
The collection is only available online.
Such a great way to ‘REUSE’ someone’s shoes (which in many cases have barely been used).
All shoes in the reuse collection have gone through a cleansing process and thorough check.
I love this concept so much. We all need to think a little harder when it comes to consumption.

You might have a pair of shoes you think someone else could enjoy?
Hand in your shoes at the shoe reuse box in your Scorett store.

Give Buy Get .
The shoes can also be donated to the campaign partner Human Bridge, who make sure they end upon the feet of people in need, and some shoes will be sold via the Reuse collection. Scorett will donate directly to aid efforts and generate income for various aid projects.

I’m gonna donate 4 pairs tomorrow ! Go through your wardrobe too, might be shoes someone else can enjoy instead of being hidden away in a closet.

This is such fantastic initiative – thanks Scorett!

This week

(this update contains collaboration with Holditbrand)

We’re on the last day of February already, can’t believe it. Time goes by so quickly. The hardest months of the year is done. Puh!
The week has been warm and sunny. We’ve been out walking more than before. So nice. The light outside gives us much energy.

Kristin and I released a new Jumper in FGL. It’s very nice and already very popular.

Finn was the cutest. Lots of smiles in the day. Had to steal Kristin photos cause I forgot my camera at work – how silly!
The sale in our shop is going strong still – ending this Sunday morning 8am. Check it out if you havn’t already.

Got updates from my friend Olof who’s in Japan working away with Holdit. They are very popular over there which is so cool I think. A company based in Varberg who’s popular in Japan.
Holdit’s new collection of cases Tokyo is inspired from just Tokyo.

I’ve been an ambassador for them since may last year. Right now on my instagram stories you can buy the cases I’ve been working with . I thought I can sell them and give money to charity. Helping others in need should we all do a bit more often – very important.

These are two of my favourites – if you would like to buy a case you help me raise money to children in Kongo to get a whole days treatment in the hospital for only 60sek. Thank you läkarmissionen for making a change in the world.

I’m hoping to raise enough money for at least 20 children.
Check my instagram for more pictures and information.

Lucca the wireless charger is my new favourite. I just put my phone on the Qi charger and it’s very quick to charge up, what’s really good as well it’s when the phone is 100% charged it stops giving your phone power which means – you save energy.

Thank you and good bye February – I’m very excited for what’s waiting in March.