Äntligen kan jag dela mitt samarbete ihop med Scorett.
Vi tillsammans visar upp en hållbar sommarstil.
Jag är gladare än gladast att just Jag får vara ansiktet utåt för en sådan kampanj.
I några år har jag jobbat med Scorett och jag älskar deras engagemang gentemot hållbarhet. Dom är Så duktiga.

”Möt sommaren i skor som är snälla mot både fötterna du står på och jorden som vi går på. Skonsamma tillverkningsprocesser och noggrannt utvalda material – För människa och miljö”

Deras skor och min klädkollektion från FGL Store.

Vilken underbar kombo, och precis som det står beskrivet ovan,
För människan och miljö, otroligt viktigt.

Svensktillverkade träsandaletter – Sweeks Widewood 899:-
Så sköna. Grymt snygga till jeans och ett par shorts i sommar.
(I höst matchar du med ett par coola sockar till bara så håller dem för hösten med)

Widewood från Sweeks är en svensk, handtillverkad sandalett med en botten i trä som kommer från de småländska skogarna. Träbottnen är noga utformad för att följa fotens form väl och gör träskon komfortabel. – Made in Sweden.

Vi möttes upp en ljummen kväll i maj, location är just där jag bor och är uppväxt.
Som jag badat och fiskat krabbor just här.
Bua är en underbar liten ort precis utanför Varberg. Vi är otroligt bortskämda med stränder klippbad vart vi än går.
Fint så.
Att Bua får visas upp i hela landet gör mig stolt.
Så himla roligt att jobba precis utanför dörren. Scorett håller ju till i Varberg sedan 80-talet så det kunde inte passa bättre att jobba lokalt.

Precis just här då bilden togs, kastade min far loss för att gå ut en natts kräftfiske. Min pappa har fiskat sedan han var 14år och nyligen fyllde han 72 år, ni förstår ju själva hur mycket man älskar sitt jobb då man inte Vill sluta jobba för man får inte nog, Havet har en magisk kraft, en gång vid havet alltid vid havet.

Att se båten sakta försvinna ut i horisonten är alltid lika vackert tycker jag.

Här sitter jag i min allra finaste klänning som är tryckt med över 14 olika skärmar. Hela processen är helt manuell, och naturligt framtagen inga tillsatser i FGL’s produktion
Jag är glad och stolt över det fina arbete som läggs vid varje plagg. Skräddarsytt och helt unikt av sitt slag.

Sandaletten heter Dasia Ginger X.
Du finner dem i Olika färger.

Ni kommer se vårat samarbete i Scoretts butiker nu i sommar, även i FGL’s butik så finns en del utvalda skor på plats som ni kan testa ihop med kläderna ni testar på FGL.

Hoppas ni vill hänga med för det blir mer härliga updates från vårt samarbete tillsammans.

Vi ses!

Detta är ett betalt samarbete med Miranda & Scorett.


Long time no speak, again!

I’ve been working so much with all the news that’s coming every week to the shop.
Being more grateful than ever that I run a web shop. You guys are so used to having me online so it’s nothing new for FGL customers. That’s very nice in times like these.

Let me show some of the news.

Look at him, Wilfred 6years old. Such a happy chap wearing Polly the parrot shirt. Finn wear this size too, but it’s very oversized. Cute anyway!

Another massive thing for me and the store is that these shirt are Unisex.
Clothing for men ! Clothing for kids ! Clothing for women!
I finally reach one goal! Clothing for all.

If you follow me on IG you seen that I’m obsessed with Swallows.
For a while I’ve been searching for a potter who makes swallows, and their they where, so I am more than pleased with selling these.

I mean look at them. They came online late last night, sold out within few hours.
Don’t worry! I placed an order already this morning, since they are painted by hand it will take maybe two weeks.
Do you want to reserve a pair?

Bottle opener in brass from Bali. Mermaids & octopus. Very stunning.

Karro my sister was the model for the day. Here she’s wearing the green palm tree shirt.

Limited edition of bags. Couldn’t resist. Hand made in Bali. By the little company that makes the shirts.

If you want to take part of all the news please sign up on FGL newsletter,
I always update there first.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday,

Auktionskammaren in Varberg

18months ago, Lisa, my friend at Derome Bostad contacted me for a fun project.
She had an idea about a building called ”Auktionskammaren”, which Derome is planning to convert into apartments. Lisa wanted me & Kristin to be involved in this exciting project.
This is one of Varbergs more interesting buildings with a very long history behind it.

It’s time for the old factory building to undergo its next transformation.
Derome will hold great caution and respect for the cultural-historical values.
I just love old buildings that come with history.
I will share more about this.

But first a tour of the place.
Welcome inside.

Derome will create 18 new homes, 1 apartment will be decorated and designed by me & Krisin.

The best parts of the existing architecture should be restored and older details in the form of joinery, skirting and architrave, forging rails and old plaster forms will be preserved.

From being a marmelade factory to an auction chamber – and now finally to new homes, it will be great to show you and guide you through buildings next journey.

When I was about ten years old I remember being here when it was an auction chamber and it was so crowded. Full of old treasures and look at it now – empty and ready for its new chapter.
I’m very excited to be part of this journey. Below is a video we made to give you a feeling of what’s to come.

Hope you join us for this amazing project, I’m so excited!
Can’t wait to share the next step and our choices for the apartment.

Sign up to take part of the latest news regarding the apartments and ongoing project. This will be the dreamiest place to live in Varberg.

This is a payed collaboration with Derome Bostad.

year 2019, let’s look back!

Last month of the year so I thought we could look back on what has happened in 2019 work wise.

First out was Holdit. I was an ambassador for them for 9 month time. This was my last post. Fun to be a part of a Varberg company!

In February I worked with Boråstapeter x Newbie to promote their new collaboration together . The collection was so nice, and soon there is a new collection coming.

Off course there was a lot of updates for my own business too.

The Peony dress was a success.

March came and it was a new collab this spring with Scorett. I love Scorett! They do an awesome job when it comes to sustainable shoes. Their work shoereuse is incredible! Also how they promote how to look after your shoes so they last for long.


Round 2 for Scorett collaboration.

For almost 2 years I’ve been working with Schwarzkopf and Bon Bon hair salon in Gothenburg. This was the first time Finn was with me and lucky Karro was there to look after him.

When I see this picture of my long hair I miss it a lot. Blondme products are surely magic for a blond hair.

May came a long and it started to be warm and very green outside. LOVE May. I had the honor to share about Lindemans alcohol free wines. Which suited me so well. I rarely ever drink any alcohol anymore. Since being pregnant last year and don’t enjoy it anymore so being able to share about Lindemans collection of non alcohol wines was fun!

Started to shoot for Derome. The project is very delayed so you will so more of this by next spring.

Not every collaboration is shared on my blog, smaller jobs only at Instagram so just sharing them I posted on the blog.

Already 6 month in 2019.

Arla products – About supporting fresh cream / milk since the cows are out and about 24/7 in the summer.

The first release of the collaboration with Baby björn came out. Had done this job already in February, the release was when the bed came out.

July! omg. We had the best summer due to this caravan. I spent everyday under the trees in Varberg with finn and Jake, since our little cafe was there. If not here I was in FGL. During the summer we extended our opening hours so if not in the park you found me in my store.


September came and it’s my birth month.
I was mostly working with FGL. Tried to slow down with working too much.

October you beaut.

Smaller jobs posted on my IG.

Froosh was one of them.

Over at FGL I had Madelene to cover for my shift in the store most of my opening hours.
Great for a mom with a 10 month busy baby. & great cause Madelene wanted more hours in our store too. = WIN.

October was extra special due to a holiday to my fave place. Malta.

November froosh smoothies – twice! 100% my best smoothie that I always buy for an in between meal. Their smoothies are just fruits, nothing else.

December been few updates from our store FGL.
Still chance to get your delivery in time if you order tonight or tomorrow.

Look at these sets we put together. They been popular – perfect gift set.

& that was about it. 2019 been busy. I’m feeling grateful and happy about all collaborations I’ve done.

The last week of this year is going to be slow. Only family stuff and some FGL time, in a weeks time we fly out to England to celebrate Christmas.

Alright me lovers, talk soon. or next year!
All my love to you, thanks for following me here. xx

a little reminder

I’m on my way to work and wanted to remind you to place your order latest today to receive it in time for Christmas.
Guaranteed by DHL.

I posted a picture of me yesterday wearing our polka flower dress and got a lot of DM’s wondering were I bought the dress. From the store!

The photo is taken by my phone in the dark – so the quality ain’t so good. (camera kaput)
But never mind, it’s Christmas who cares about a blurry photo right? !

Marie is joining me today, FGL’s last pop up this year! Come by and hang out with us peps, fika for those who come. Also we have some fine prices on lots of products – you find them here.

Better put my favorite dress on and some make up, Finn kept us awake a lot last night sooooo I need to freshen’ up.

All my love, m

In paid collaboration with my own business FGL Store.