my week

Monday I started to feel much better, happy being home from the hospital. So easy to take your health for granted isn’t?

On Tuesday Kristin and I worked on a collaboration that needed to be done by Friday. It was so nice being in FGL for couple of hours and I felt my normal self again.

Wednesday our summer collection got delivered so we were busy unpacking the 16 boxes and planned for the coming shoot. So exciting to release it all.

I had a collaboration this morning with almondybakery who relased their new vegan chocolate cake – choko delish, tasty indeed! You need to try it. So yum!

First out is Kåsa Blouse – in beige & dusty blue. Made of fine silk / cotton.

Thursday I was going to the city for a check up – shortly after I started to feel very low again. The sneaky fever came for a visit, my body were sore . Oh noes, not again. I thought I was on the mend.

Friday morning I woke up and I thought I needed to beat those bacterias, few pills later and my finest dress on I felt stronger.
Mary came for a visit by lunch time, as always we ended up talking for hours. I helped her release new products on her site, whilst she was cleaning my kitchen.

That was all I had to report so far,
Wishing you all a great weekend.

slow slow pace

Kristin & I certainly getting better on taking it a bit more slow nowadays.
Today was spent by the ocean for a tiny shoot.
I can’t complain on anything with my job!

We’ve worked together for some years now, time does fly cause this spring it’s already 7 years! We were employed at the hotel in Varberg back in the days, and that’s where we met.

Our tiny city Varberg, you are some kind of beautiful aren’t you ?
Don’t let the sunny photo trick you, it was freaking bloody cold!
Our fingers turned blue almost!

Outside FGL our biggest collection was delivered.
We are so excited to work with this the next couple of weeks.
Such a fine collection, softer colours – & not only blue!

After all these years in front of the camera I swear, there must be 10.000 photos of me shutting my eyes. Above is one anyway.
The next couple of months we’re booked up on many fun projects together.
Today we started with one of them and it’s gonna be released by next week.

I felt so happy and strong today for the first time in a long time.
I wrote last week about the high fever and feeling low –
On thursday morning I ended up in the hospital for few days due to a nasty infection which they couldn’t locate. I was surely looked after, almost spoilt. Varberg hospital is great.
Fever is gone and I feel like I’m getting back to my normal self again.

A day spent with Kristin and our FGL surely made me both happier and stronger. Yes!


The summer house

Welcome to our little cabin in Sanddamm.
Few years ago we renovated this house from the 1960’s.
Jake spent every night after work renovating this house. Within 6 months it was almost finished. Here is a little sneak peak how it looks today.

The hallway – I wish we had this wallpaper on more than just the hallway, all over the livingroom would of been nice. Will 100% go with this design on our next project. Love it!

Left off the entrance we have our small but functional bathroom with a shower and toilet.
I found the cabinet second hand. We chosen to go with tiles 2/3 and a wallpaper which I’m very pleased with. Gives a soft look and it’s easy to change the feel of the room.

Anna who lives here now is an interior designer. I love her style.
She also run the boutiqe Decolective in Spinneriet Lindome, make sure you visit!

We have two small bedrooms an open livingroom/kitchen.

In the bedroom to the right we have Harriet the wallpaper in green.

The house is 65 m2 in total. 50 m2 upstairs and 15 m2 downstairs.
There’s a utility room and spare room, perfect for storage.

Five minutes walk through the forest and you’re on the beach.
I love our little house. We’re moving in for a while in May.

Living here makes me feel like we’re on a holiday.
Glad Jake spotted it on the market that one sunny day back in August 2016.

Fever in Bua

Shortly after these photos were taken I was lucky enough to get high fever.
I was so cold when getting into bed. Kept me awake through the night.

In the morning I was super tired and my whole body was in pain.
With a very active Finn I felt sorry for myself. I needed to sleep.
But what todo with a happy baby. He gave me some energy to keep going strong anyway.

It’s Wednesday night now and the fever is still here. Highly enoying. Hope I wake up fresh by tomorrow.
Don’t have much more to report than this –
Till next time.



Motherhood is:
wishing for bedtime, but missing them as they sleep.
it’s wondering when they need you a little less, but also wanting to freeze the time
motherhood is a constant push and pull
it’s being constantly surrounded but sometimes feeling lonely
it’s craving time for yourself but feeling guilty for wanting it
it expands your perspective in ways you can’t imagine
it tests your patience strenght
motherhood is giving your heart, your body, yourself, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world
not even for a second
You’ve got this

I share a lot on my instagram, both high and lows.
The other week I wrote about being a parent and how it is for the first time with a baby.
Our Finn is the most adorable boy. Like all other babies.
They cry They smile, They poop, They are lovely, They are a lot.

It’s alright to say it’s damn hard, the motherhood part I mean.
24h a day you give everything you have. With zero paus.
It is ok to think they are demanding. It is ok to feel you might wanna have a paus.
I wrote once before, that parents tend to forget the ”hard” times. Hahah! even I started to question myself the other week when Finn were smiling and being the cutest. When I shared my feelings on instagram a while ago the respons were massive.
It saddens me in a way that mothers are scared saying it’s hard and the rest. Many has been thanking me for sharing what they also feel, but been scared talking about it themself.

I can only speak for myself but to work 100% is nothing compared being at home with a baby. The partner who complains being tired after a day at work should shut it.
To be the one who wakes up few times every night for feed and perhaps to give the baby comfort, to be at home with no ‘breaks’ , to be at home with the baby and as soon as they sleep you do laundry, lunch, dinner, clean, or if you are lucky you might make it to the toilet without hearing them crying.
Perhaps I should let go of all the ” to do’s ” but if I’m not preparing soon as I have the chance, or clean up the mess I have in front of me I stress out. Can’t stand the mess or knowing I’ve got lots todo.

I do love being home with Finn don’t get me wrong, there are many golden moments for sure. So much love and laughter !
Last wednesday he laughed super loud, it was the cutest thing ever. And I noticed he’s super ticklish on his stomach and neck.

We are entering week 10 this coming week, he’s growing so fast it’s crazy! Lots of things happening every day and the love I feel for little Finn is endless.

motherhood is giving your heart, your body, yourself, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world
not even for a second
You’ve got this.