South of Sweden

Tuesday morning Jake and I left Bua to head down to south Sweden.

Our first stop… Solhaga Bakery. A must for anyone passing by.

This is the third year running going to Mölle. Such a peaceful little village which has place in our hearts.
Please, let me share a couple of photos from the past four days.

The cosiest fishing village in Sweden according to us. It’s so charming, never too busy when we’ve been here. All Mölles houses are mind blowing, with beautiful flowers everywhere. Unfortunately, not this year, we haven’t had rain since start of May.

Sleeping in the back of our Volvo, so comfy and cosy. Killer views too.

Höganäs Saluhall.
Can we please have this place in Varberg too?
Make sure you visit and be sure to enjoy their breakfast. So fresh, and lots of yummy stuff from their collection in the ”Saluhall”.

We bought Musli and their orange jam. Best one ever.

Fresh juice, berries and fruit. The breads still warm from being freshly made..

In Mölle we just relax in the sun, use the outdoor shower. Hike, swim, eat, repeat.

Hotell Kullaberg. Dinner time – I enjoyed  the best fish soup & Jake had Moules Marinere. So much food it was hard to finish, this place is located just by the water front and it’s very nice. Last year we had their breakfast buffet to . We highly recommend their food!

On Wednesday morning we drove down to Hyllie, parked up and took the train over to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a city you can walk around for hours and hours, eat drink and great for shopping as well. We were thinking to rent bikes but never did, can highly recommend that though because our feet were so sore come the end.

We only stayed 24h and got back to Mölle for one more night . We went to Höganäs again for some dinner. Garage bar. Pretty cool and vibrant place. I had their fish tacos!
Fun place to drink beers and hang around good vibes.

Morning swims for the win!

The village along from Mölle is Kullaberg. You can hike different tracks in the forest, we followed the blue one because it took us to : Nimis.

Felt like the weirdest place, lots of  drift wood that was made as a path down to the beach. 160.000 nails has gotten in to this ‘piece’

Someone obviously had to little to do in order to come up with something like this. Apperently it’s about 40.000 visitors a year and this is an illegale art piece, cause the artist never applied for any  building allowence. Still it’s here like +30 years later.

A 90 min walk in 30 degrees certainly made us sweet.
Our last day was spent in the village Arild. +24 degrees in the water and even I was swimming around without complaints.

South of Sweden is so nice, you should visit!




Today Jake and I moved out from our house in Bua, to our summer house up the road. The last couple of days have been very busy. Cleaning out drawers, getting everything ready for our summer guests. In between all this we decided on giving our walk in closet an upgrade. A total make over from boring white, to chestnut blossom.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a desk on ‘Blocket’ (Sweden’s equivalent to gumtree), I almost drove down to the south of Sweden to buy one vintage because it was getting rather tight with time.
But one morning before opening FGL Store, I quickly stopped by a second hand shop in Varberg.

There it was…
The perfect size, the perfect everything. Love finding treasures like this, vintage shopping is so much fun. That same morning we also found a sofa, a cabinet, a table. Everything gathered under 10 minutes the final missing pieces to get a fully furnished house.

The space is long and narrow. When building this room it was meant to be a closet. We don’t really need all that space right now so I thought I wanted to make an office for myself. So much paper work nowadays so couldn’t be more perfect.

Green is such a relaxing colour and it’s stands for positivity. Like I mentioned in my previous update about wall paper, my love for Boråstapeters collection ‘In Bloom’ is just spot on. Here you see Chestnut blossom . This particular design also comes in a blue base for those of you who prefer a darker choice. Both are absolutely stunning.

The mint green cabinet once belonged to my nan, she painted it mint green back in the 1950’s. The inside is covered with yellow and green stripe paper. So cool.

Few hats from different countries.
I always seem to forget my sun hat when travelling, so the collection has grown. Nice to decorate your wall with to.

Our house has now gone through 2.5 years of renovation, finally it’s come to an end. Yay!

I think celebration is in order.

This is a payed collaboration between me and Boråstapeter.

Busy days

This week has gone by so quickly. Can’t say we have enjoyed the sunshine much, or any midnight swims due to the final fix on our house.

Sorry green house cause you look like shiet this year, but havn’t had enough time to look after you much, but that’s ok. You can’t do everything at once.

Love renting our house out during the summer cause we get things done. The things you know about- but don’t do until you get a kick in your ass. House is soon in perfection for the families that will rent it.

Other than that it’s high season at FGL Store . It’s a lot of emails/whatsapp call to India regarding the new sampling. Got an update just now regarding winter samples, exciting.

Black Frill skirt. New in.

Blooming blue dress -just released. Kristin on Venice Beach in February, 6 months ago already.

This Wednesday was a sales record and it’s never been that busy before ! So happy and grateful.
Yesterday I worked on my collaboration with Boråstapeter. I have one more room that has been transformed. I will share that during this weekend. Thanks for all the loving I got from our bedroom in bloom. THANK YOU ALL!

About this morning, I cleaned out all closets, cleaned our windows. Prepped the car full with things for the tip, not so exciting but it’s needed. Now I’m updating my blog and checking the email.

Everything will soon be ready. Still got a few hours to go before heading into the city to work with Kristin at FGL Store.

Enjoy your weekend peeps,


This update is a collaboration for my own buisness FGL Store.

Fina Marie

Mary my Mary, my little soulmate.

Every week we see each other for  loooong cups of coffe. We always end up speaking non stop about high and lows. It’s accually hard to stop when we get started.

A green greenhouse.
Mary gave me ‘ djungel gurka’ if I remember right, the cutest little things.

Great in salads. I’d say; great to stare at, how cute!

Mary is a creater, a doer, a potter, an artist.

Here I’m holding her latest plates, stunning colours. Wonder what she’s gonna name these ones ? Usually her pottery is named after someone in the family.
Is this a Julia Plate?

Julia is her daughter, she’s  a designer, a very skilled one too! If I’m not wrong she makes most of Gina Tricot clothing  and  Julia has  lots of funny tattoos that she makes herself btw, I mean why not.
Love creative people who just : do.

The vase.
A got mine on a shelf at home. So funny. The ass is my favourite part. Looks real.

Till next time Mary. Always a pleasure




Carnation Garden

Earlier this spring I went to Kristins event with Boråstapeter, it was a release of their new collection  In bloom.

Right there I fell in love with many of their new prints. We got to hear  the story behind each pattern and that was very inspiring,  said from the start that Carnation Garden was my  big favourite.

Welcome to the new bedroom.

Jake helped me get it ready just in time.

Said and done – our bedroom is now in bloom .

All walls and our ceiling is covered. I’m really pleased how it turned out. I wanted to cover the whole room with this wallpaper since it’s so beautiful. But also to make the room bigger.

You can see more photos on my instagram.

This is a payed collaboration between me & Boråstapeter.

Thanks for visiting,



Our FGL Store.

In may I was away for 2 weeks for a holiday. Me and Kristin basically met in the door and it was her turn to see Europe. Their holiday seemed to be so nice, many countries in a few weeks. How sweet ! Exploring new places are truly the best!

The good thing with FGL is that we can be apart from each other and still have a on going buisness. Whatsapp is rather amazing. Gives us a lot of freedom.

Daily talks to India is also something I do, without whatsapp, email, instagram  I don’t really know if we could of be this ”free”.

Me in our Dandelion skirt.

I Spent the morning at FGL today together with Klara, a girl who studies in Italy usually. This spring she sent us an email regarding an intership at FGL Store.

Off course I replied, but just know it involves everything from packing orders, clean the shop, take photos, water the plants etc etc.

She said yes and now she’s at FGL the whole of July.

This is a payed collaboration between me and FGL Store.

Today was a bit of everything, Klara took some photos of me, Thank you very much! It’s our newest member Frill dress– Only in limited edition though, so be quick!  xx


See you tomorrow again, I will show you my latest job! Exciting..

Jungle breakfast meeting

Jungle breakfast in my favourite park.
”Kärleks parken in Varberg”, Jucieandyoga is ran by my talented friend Malin.

So much love has been put into this little place, never seen anything like it. Malin and many others have yoga classes here every morning and through the whole of July. Classes start at 8.30 every day. I can tell you, yoga under the trees whilst listening to the birds, couldn’t be more dreamy.

All juices and smoothies are made with fresh organic fruits. Thank you Malin for helping make Varberg so beautiful. If ever in Varberg, J.O.Y is a MUST!

The other week I started my morning there myself. Delicious coffee, smoothie bowl and a green juice…perfect way to start the day. Together with Karin from Holdit, we had a little meeting here
. Love collaborating with like minded people. 

My favourite, obviously the Deco Cat (love everything CATS).
Many cases to choose from, this one had the thumbs up from the start.

I know their cases and other accessories can be found in Åhlens, Elgiganten and chosen stores around Sweden. I think it’s so cool that this brand has it’s base in Varberg! Must be something in the ”Varberg air” which makes the people so creative.

oh!  I need to mention one other thing….
We spent the weekend on our boat, 36h without any electricity. What saved me was this piece! A real life saver. More powerbanks to the people!

Happy days indeed.

This update is collaboration with Holdit. 



Karolin Axelsson


In May I wrote an update regarding 11 quick ones, questions I wanna ask some of my loved ones or people I follow on social media for example.

My thought was every Sunday but hey that ddn’t go as planned.
I felt today was a great day to introduce my dearest sister who now lives in Sydney. My old city. Karro and I are not blood related, but that don’t matter at all, she always been like my little sister.

Look how cute we were in 1988, gosh.

Seriously you don’t need to have the same dads or moms. We spent so much time together so we are the same in many ways anyway, I think even closer than many biological siblings sometimes.
Linne’a my nan have always been our common role model in life. She taught us many good things, took us on trips in Europe, etc etc..

In April 2011 I moved down under to the land of OZ.
In April 2018 Karro took the move, now she’s been away few months and I miss her a lot and also my days in Sydney to be honest. Life in Australia is pretty different to Sweden.

I would like to share my 11 questions with you from Karro.


Living: Sydney: Australia

Working with: Receptionist at a members only club

How do you know Miranda: Oh I’ve always known her, she’s my sister (from another mister) and I could not be more blessed.

Instagram: dearbirdy

Age:  30y


pay off my student debt. Then I’d buy a cozy camper van and travel to every little place on earth with it.

Not as often as I would like, but I’m always happy when i do so i think my midsummer resolution (why wait until new years to have a resolution?) will be to try more new things.


The worst habit is probably that i pick the scab off my wounds, i know i shouldn’t but sometimes i can’t help it.

4. WHAT MADE YOU LEAVE SWEDEN FOR A NEW COUNTRY? ANY TIPS TO SOMEONE THAT HAS THE SAME DREAM BUT DON´T DARE TO DO IT?  I left Sweden mostly because of the weather, I am just not made to be in a country that has winter for 10 month’s of the year. I felt depressed and I didn’t activate myself, I kind of went into “hibernation” like a lot of swedes do during winter and thats not a life i want to live. Don’t get me wrong, Sweden is a beautiful country in so many ways but the climate is just too cold for me to handle.


Many people tell me that they’d never dare to leave their country, especially not on their own. People ask me how i find the courage to do so (since I’ve picked up and left all on my own a few times now) The truth is I can’t identify with that fear. I’ve never been scared of leaving. I’ve always been more scared of staying. Scared of not changing and shaping my life into what I want and what i feel in my heart is right. When I in January decided to leave Sweden again it was because I was scared of what type of zombie I would turn into if I stayed. The only tip I can give someone who wants to leave but are too scared is that the world is such a small place, I promise with all my heart that when you do take that step, that scary, big, crazy step, you are going to-within only a few weeks, realize that it wasn’t actually that big of a step. . It’s not a scary world out there, it’s a beautiful, loving and caring world and people catch you if you fall. You are never alone and you always have support.


I feel the most beautiful at times when I am being myself to 100% and someone appreciates that and laughs at my jokes or likes my company.

6. HOW DOES IS FEEL TO BE ´NEW´ IN A BIG CITY ?     Exciting, Exhausting and Elevating and sometimes a little bit lonely, thank goodness for FaceTime and social media.  Mostly I just feel blessed to be able to explore new places.

If i could do just anything i wanted in the world i would obviously stop wars and cure cancer and stop global warming, and if I could make a living out of having meaningful conversations with people or cuddle with puppies I would.

I don’t know how to check that? Is there a list somewhere? I think Ziggy Alberts will be up there, and Van Morrison, The Cure, Mipso and The Felice Brothers.

Im not sure I could have happiness without truth, truth and honesty is very important to me, If I could be obliviously happy I would choose that!

I’m very new at my job but I enjoy being back as a receptionist – it’s been a few years since i did that and it’s nice. The interaction with guests is probably my favourite part.

That depends on the 20 year old! If it was myself as a 20 year old I’d probably say: One day you’ll be cool, or you won’t but that won’t matter cause you’ll be awesome anyways, mother earth will have your back.


-Have you had a life-changing experience and what was it? /KAROLIN

Thanks all


BUA’N Summer nights

The other day Jake helped me snap some photos of a collaboration with Lindex Officials.
I’ve choosen my favourites from their summer collection.

Since I got this skirt I have barely taken it off. Just so great to wrap around you.

We live just a minute away from the harbour. Nights like this – we can’t complain.

Our house is litterally behind my back.

Jake is alway taking the opportunity for a swim, but I’m useless. Always thinks it’s too cold for a dip and I’m very happy staying by the water. But this night I went in..

Bua the tiny village. A hidden gem in the summers for sure.

I should really stop saying; I don’t enjoy being in the water because afterwards it’s a great reward for your body and soul. Ok, I will try my best !






This morning I shared some thoughts on my Instagram. How I feel about the algorithm, how IG changed a lot. You maybe noticed to, that you nowadays need to ‘check out’ someones feed and there was like 10 posts you havn’t seen cause they don’t show up in your feed anymore.

If I got this right it’s cause you havn’t liked the persons post enough, or within the 24h anyway.
All of a sudden you see so many accounts you ddn’t used to do. When doing this as a job nowadays,
it makes me worried sometimes, and this morning was one of those days.

I explained my love for all the likes and comments and how much they means to me, They makes a huge difference. It might sound weird and shallow- but a heart acually makes me going, it makes my account more ‘alive’ as a micro influencer you need all the love you can get cause you are very tiny amongst all.

I’m super excited for this new chapter in my life, I guess that’s why it’s scary sometimes too. My MirandaRebecca is my job nowadays so that’s why too, you kinda wanna stay floating.
I always been very open with how I feel and sharing for me is the best medicine.

Wishing you a lovely day and you are the best!