Moved in.

Hi there,

I will take this update in English cause I need to share this with all of you –

It’s 1st of September today and it’s officially my first day on FGL as a fresh start.
Moving out from the store was hard work, a lot to do none the least.
Soo many products to move.
Luckily I sold most of the interior still I had all the stock to move.

But here’s to the thing, I moved FGL into our house where I’m going to be for a couple of months –
I now realize the space aint big enough. Had a feeling it might be too small but needed to see it for myself first.

Happy to share I must offer another clearance . It’s a must.

I know you guys love these choose pieces as well.

Like these tee’s made in organic cotton, the best quality and great to use with other pieces from FGL.

Pocket Dress

Few left of the white linen dresses. A havetohave if you ask me,
now on -45%off .

And per every sold polka flower dress I will donate 70kr/piece to Läkarmissionen.
So not only getting a very nice dress you help and support people in need.

Which is a small gesture for us – but a great deal for those who’s in need.
So please lets do this together .
Share if you want it would mean so much!

Sale is on for 4 days.

Thank you,

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