My week from my Iphone

Hi lovelies,

Thought I share last weeks photos from my phone here.
It’s been such a magical week and I feel more alive, the sun has been out and about everyday and my body got the defrosted from the winter.

Weather has been stunning. So hot! Even burnt my face being outdoor so much.

Glad you like the maroon sofa as much as I do. It really fitted in well with the blue walls.

Spent few evenings packing orders and redecorate FGL Store.
More spacious now.

More walks in my village Bua.

Started with #11kaffeLive last on instagram.
Drinking coffee alone is the most boring thing I think so started to send LIVE whilst having a cup 11 o’clock.
Thousands of lovely people joined in with a cup and Marlene aka @Fruvintage joined in one day, @Hannesmauritsson two times.
My sister and friend another day.
I love this community so much. Drinking coffee with you is so much.

Baked few cakes as well. Yummers. Better get warmed up cause soon Farfars lycka is opening again.

My garden gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After work on Saturday we went for a lunch at Hattaviken located on Getterön. Nice place! Visit if you can.

All photos are taken by my Iphone I hope you don’t mind.
We are in the last week of April and Im so thankful for what April has given me so far. Hope you feeling fine to!
All the best,

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