Taking things for granted

I think we all take things for granted.
It’s very easy to forget how blessed we are in life. Always striving to move forward. Do better. Do more. All the changes. Meaningless really when you think about it. Corona has got me thinking and feeling a lot.
Same for you ?

The pandemic makes sure we can’t run around like headless chickens anymore, we cannot run in 3000km an hour.

-S L O W the f DOWN
/ Covid-19

Small things matters more than ever before.
Scary times indeed and we need to be careful against one another.

I feel extremely grateful for not being ill or having anyone close by that’s been sick or lost their life to corona, Yet.
Hoping that you who reads this are safe and sound.

I’m gonna spend my weekend planting flowers, feel the sun against me skin and cuddle Finn and Jake. Wishing you a good one and stay safe.

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