8 years together

3rd of feb is my mans birthday.
We met a week before his birthday 8 years ago. Let me share how it happened.

I remember it clearly cause I said to my friend look at him!
– Who? The blonde guy?
– No the one to the right with a nose ring and blue eyes.
Then he went to the pool bar and I was led alongside the pool.
I said to my friend I’m gonna swim over and talk to him.
So I did, but got so bloody nervous when I came to the bar, ordered myself a beer and swam back.

Amanda asked what happened! You’re back.
I got so freaking nervous I lost my words. Literally shit me pants. hahaha
I remembered this clearly, even writing it 8 years later makes me laugh! I’m never nervous.
Best thing was that my friend snapped this photo just before I swam over as well.
Great memorie to see this photo since we actually still together, after meeting this day in January 2012. Cool that is caught on camera.

Silly me being led sun bathing the blue eyed man swam over to me and asked about my tattoos . Never loved my tats so much as I did then, he asked why I’ve chosen some of them and why the spider web was on my elbow. We talked for a bit and Jake asked me to join in for a boat trip, you know those banna rides. I said no, I didn’t have any money to spend on like touristy stuff since I was a back packer, lived on like 400baht a day including food drinks and our room. But I said to him see you tonight.

Think we had 6 days together and then Jake left for Sydney again.
8 months went by and I moved back to Oz, to see him and here we are.

Sydney. You magical city. It was amazing moving to Jake.
We lived 3 min from Bondi beach.
Our last month this van was our home.
Our Sydney days gave us few festivals together.
In Aug 2013 Jake moved to Sweden and we’ve been here since then.

8 years has gone by so quickly and we’ve done so much together already.
Our best thing accomplished must be little Finn Fletcher.
Thank you Jake.
Happiest of birthday to you! I hope you will enjoy Malta when we go in May.
Love you xx

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2 thoughts on “8 years together

  1. Shit har det redan gått 7 år sedan nu flyttade hem?! Vart tar tiden vägen. Sån fin historia ni har. Grattis till 8 år och Grattis till Jake!