An update

My heart is overwhelmed, by all your loving over my update through insta stories yesterday, with Finn being very ill . For weeks he’s been struggling. Nasty flu, ear infections, diarrhea and a fever which won’t go away. It’s been on and off since before New Years.

Many visits to the doctor and the 4th visit was to A&E (IR) yesterday morning because it was all too much.

Finn had an aggressive rash all over his body, blisters inside and outside his mouth and it felt like it only was getting worse every hour that passed.

When we arrived at hospital, Finn & Jake stayed outside in the car as he was covered in that rash – the hospitals are always cautious when it comes to dealing with a rash incase its contagious .
It took 40 minutes until a nurse came and we spoke outside the waiting room to be on the safe side.
At first glance she said it was 3 or 5 day fever because a rash often follows with that, however, this has been over 5 days so it all felt wrong.

We were placed in a room for 3 hours until the doctor came and then it started, the doctor came in and out a few times. It was all dealt with caution, and finally they suspected measles.
There may be a chance he can have measles, two specialists came from Halmstad to have a look at him since the doctors in Varberg weren’t experts on this. For safety reasons and uncertainty the hospital wing (where we were) was sectioned off in fear of it being measles. It’s dangerous for elderly, young and very sick people.
Many check ups later and we were finally on our way home.
The most stressful day as parents that’s for sure. Finn was so good the whole time in the hospital, I wonder how he still can smile due to so much pain.

We had a long night with night mares and crying, bless him.
Got such a sweet text from a friend who wanted to come by with lunch for us. We went out for a ride with the car to get Finn sleeping faster, when we got back there was a bag with home made fish soup two chocolate cakes and some quail eggs. Quail eggs are so so good for you, Camilla wrote us a note that said boil these in 3min and give Finn.

Camilla, you are the sweetest soul that drove 20km to give us all this. Thank you so much.
At 3pm the doctor called to let us know it was NOT measles. Thank bloody god for this.
But with ear infection, super high fever for weeks off and on, blisters inside and outside his mouth – which was a herpes infection. The rash all over his body is probably a reaction to the antibiotics he’s been given. So all this together at the same time made it all look like measles .
For now we can only give him comfort, and painkillers till he’s better.

I wanted to write this post cause you were so many that reached out via my instagram and I haven’t had time to reply to all of you. With a community Instagram are when it comes to support. All our love to you guys, thanks for all the love and wishes.


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One thought on “An update

  1. Crikey! What a shock – but at least the hospital took it seriously. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Little Finn, who is such a trooper. Recovery for you also.It is no joke when a child is ill and great stress for you.