hey hey hey,

You are probably wondering why I haven’t updated anything in a while well its because we’re battling the FLU at home.
ALL three of us have been so ill, it’s been a hard period.
Finn is still very poorly, bless him.
In between the illness, there’s work to do.

I can share some of what I’ve been up to lately .

  • Met the girls for a Kustfolk meeting last Wednesday and we announced the market online on Thursday. So exciting! Save the dates folks! 24-25th of April.
  • I created #fglreuse for all of you to use if you want to buy something from our FGL collection that’s sold out or just sell what you no longer use, I love REUSE! Best thing ever. Clothes should be used, not forgotten in someone’s closet. SO, post a picture and use the tag! PLEASE.
  • I also started ”Last chance” … pieces that are low in stock. Before I can order anything new or restock old favorites to FGL, I need to sell out of pieces first. Thats a new rule and that feels amazing. The collection can’t be any bigger as keeping stock and lots variety cost too much for a small business like FGL.
  • Got in contact with a hotel, who would like to sell FGL pieces.
  • That’s one of my dreams… that FGL is available in other places than my store.

Looking forward to waking up tomorrow and starting fresh.

This week I might go to Stockholm, got invited to the Newbie & Boråstapeter event in Stockholm on Thursday.

Also I’m hoping to hug an old friend of mine… soon as we’re 100% healthy again.
On Wednesday there’s gonna be a shoot for Kustfolk and FGL pieces with Jenny Brandt, she’s is the coolest cat I tell you.
I do hope the final days of January are 1000% better than the previous weeks.
Fingers crossed me lovers, before I end this update I want to say thank you for following. You are the best!


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