obs forgot to finish our last months of 2019

July & August. Our days in the park was the best!

We literally spent every day outdoors.

September came and it was surely an apple year. Never had so many apples on our trees before.

& I celebrated my birthday in our garden.

October. FGL got a new look due to new pictures.

The best thing in October was going to Malta to see Karro.


Days spent with Finn are the best days. 11 months in being parent you starting to cope with the lack of sleep.

Started to decorate our house pretty early, like mid November. I can’t stand the dark days so all stars went up.

All of a sudden we came to the last month of the year.

December feels so special to me now since Finn was born on the 27th of December.

The 22nd of December we left for England.
Had the most amazing days with family and friends over christmas.

Here we are together with the elf.

Finn with his cousin Nyla.

Quality of the photos are not great cause my camera is broken unfortunately. A lot of iPhone pics lately.
Finn had a lovely 1st birthday, thank you for making special.
Lush to see you all!

The last day of the year we fell a sleep at 9.30pm – hahaha!

Thank you 2019. You have been great in many ways.

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