Not so much to report

Hallo team,

How are you this November? To be honest, Im kinda tired.
This darkness is unreal.
I have a lil secret to it though.
It’s basically against the law in Sweden but this is worth it.

START DECORATE in early November to get some extra light since we barely have any day light this time a year.

Outside and inside! Don’t be shy either, and don’t listen if your neighbor seigh about it. haha! I stopped years back.

You got to love a crappy phone picture right!
This is from my Saturday at FGL.
I popped into Jennie next door who made signs for us.

I’ve been thinking of a new business logo for my Miranda Rebecca, and I hope Jennie wanna make it. Ill ask next time I see her.

Have you seen #kollijoxpoetry before? She is to good my Jennie. Always makes me smile.

I need to tell you about my latest finds as well.
Bedside tables, a mirror, bed frame and a cabinet – all made by hand in Varberg in 1700 something. How cool! I LOVE Marketplace in facebook. Lucky me Ive seen the post 1 minute after the lady posted it.

On the Sunday we went to Tjolöholm Christmas market and Finn met Santa for the first time.

Less than a month away till Christmas now.. excited much!


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