it’s not all rainbows and sunshine

It’s been over 10 months since Finn entered our world.
As much as I do love being a mother I find it hard many days as well.

I did’nt know how hard it was to miss out on sleep. From last September I started to have bad nights sleep, and it’s not better now when Finn wanna eat few times each night. Read this the other night and thought it was spot on in every word.

To the new mom – 
I know you’re struggling, things you’ve never considered hard have suddenly become close to impossible- like leaving be house, eating a hot meal, sleeping, taking a shower, finishing a sentence or a thought. .
I know you worry, worry like you never have before, worry if you have time to go to the bathroom, worrying if you can sleep when the baby is sleeping, worrying if you’ve dressed the baby right, worrying about the fact that breastfeeding wasn’t all that easy as people made it seem, worrying if you’re doing motherhood right. .
I know you’re tired, tired of asking yourself all these questions, exhausted from the lack of sleep and alone time you used to have just a minute ago. .
You’re probably in need of rest yourself, in need of love and comfort, giving birth is like getting hit by a car, the hormones that comes after are probably even worse. .
So I want to tell you that it will get easier, you’re doing great, we all ask these questions, we all feel overwhelmed, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine like you might have been lead to believe. .
But in a year or two you’ll have a little person who tells you thank you, thank you for loving me like only you know how, thank you for holding me thank you for putting me first, thank you for everything you’ve done, you did it all right. They will tell you in everything they do, how they look at you, how they tough you and how you are their safe place, forever.

Believe in yourself, it’s supposed to be hard, that only means you care.
Text credit: saracelina.


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