Last weekend I turned 36 years young.
Had the most amazing day. Woke up in Kusthotellet, felt like a queen when checking out due to 24h total relaxation.

Look at the flowers still. From Marie’s garden. Amazed how they still bloom to be honest.

Fresh flowers and lots of seeds from Mary cat. Can’t wait to have a blooming garden.

Kristin gave me seeds from her garden as well. Home made Kombucha, a soap and a stone egg.

Thoughtful gifts indeed. Thank you!

This little fellow took his first few steps the day before his 9 months day.
He’s crawling super fast and stands up all the time.

Giving mom something todo don’t you finks. Love you to the moon baby Finn.

Excited for this coming week. October is always beautiful full with storms and colors.
I think I should make a promise to myself;
Few dips in the sea, more facials masks and yoga. Sounds like a good plan! Join in.


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