Ett mjukare Varberg

Ett mjukare Varberg – which is about highlighting and talking about the challenges of today’s youngsters in our digital society and how we – adults and young people – can help create a softer Varberg to live and grow up in. You will gain new knowledge and inspiration and our goal is a full Arena Varberg.

Lucky us in Varberg area that Kristin Anna & Jonas wanna highlight some of the problems we got in the society. They invite us for a free night to take part of valuable information, book your ticket here. It’s free of charge so it’s available for everyone. Great initiative. So proud of them! Below you can see the program for the night.

Programs – during the evening you can listen to:
Hampus Nessvold – program manager, actor and artist – and one of Sweden’s foremost lecturers and current with the show “Take it as a man”, directed by Mia Skäringer. Hampus blends seriously with boundless humor and talks about macho culture, questioning gender norms and the importance of letting boys grow up to be gentle men.

Ungdomsjouren Tigerlilja – tells about the challenges they face in Varberg, how they support young people on a daily basis through their on-call activities and about the different needs of girls and boys.
Anna Rask Sanchez,psychotherapist.
Based on the latest research combined with a solid experience of practical work with individuals and organizations, Anna takes us on a quick visit into our brain and gives us important knowledge about how our brain is doing in the digital world – about opportunities and challenges with our constant digital presence.

Mikael Bergman, a surfing life coach who loves to create softer men. Mikael has solid experience of working with young people who hare lost in the sociaety, young people with diagnoses and drug problems. Mikael will share practical tools about motivation and drive, about stress, anxiety and joy and how we reach out to young people.

– Music from Mollie Minott and Land of Trees.
A favorite duo in reprise from “A softer Varberg” at Brukstorget this spring. The magical duet they lake together, “Shallow”, we will never forget. Mollie Minnot and Land of Trees put tones on the evening’s theme and drill straight into the heart.

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