We’re moving out

So it’s happening. Another move.
Let’s just say it’s rather busy days this weekend.
We’re moving out and we’re renovating Linne’as house at the same time.
A lot to remember right now!
Gonna feel so nice once we’re out.

Doves felt rather brave yesterday and visited our neighbours.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather the past week. But on Saturday morning it poured down.

The hallway is the only corner that’s not messy right now.

I try between naps to pack as much as I can. To be honest I’ve been doing this for weeks just because I knew it would take a millions years to get done.

Another amazing thing is that Karro been home for few weeks. She’s been living with us for a while. Nice to hang out she’s been away for a year in Australia.

The other day Mollie Minott was at FGL Store all day due to the event
Ett mjukare Varberg.
Mollie said as soon as she walked into our shop she felt – This is my style of clothing. Was very happy to hear that, such a nice feeling knowing people appriecte your work.
She loved the Varberg set’ so she was wearing that for the gig later in the evening.

Kristin touched everyone with her story. She is so brave and strong! A real role model! I’m speech less.
It was a great evening, and probarly Varbergs most important evening this year!

Markus & Mollie warming up.

A soon to be kitchen.

Karro was impressed by the hatch Jake done in the floor.
A laundry hatch straight down to the washing machine.

Can’t wait for the result when the floors are sanded.

Old radiators all over the house. The plan is to go with different colours in each room. Lists and radiators will match the wall papers or the paint. So many decisions right now!

The girls house.
Did you see my storie today when Mini was in the front seat of our car? She’s the best hen in the whole world.

We’ve been packing stuff all day, it’s a lot to empty one barn, a garage and a house. 6 hens and 4 doves! HA!

Everything is possible thought, you can’t being lazy that’s all.
Next time when I’m updating here I’m living in our summer house.
So excited for this.


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