Working together

This update is a collaboration with Scorett official.

Kristin & I collaborates with Scorett official this spring, and we’re super happy about it.
Scorett is based here in Varberg and it’s started back in 1997. Nice to work with a local company.

Varberg is a fantastic city when it comes to entrepenours.
Simulurly minded people who are happy to support one another. Team work is the best work.

Kristin wearing a sneaker from the swedish brand Läeder .
Läeder by Nature stands for an sustainable design.
Their knowledge about great craftmanship runs in 4 generations and they honor the tradition of working with leather construction that has been practised since 1000 years. They are experts with a sustainable production .

Hedda Felt Vegan. ( coming later in May )
The slip in’s I’m wearing are vegan friendly. Made of recycled pet bottles.
Y E S – this is so good!
Love when things are re:used.

We spent our day together in the heart of the city, just by the water front. Varberg is a small place indeed and we’ve got some magical spots.
Glashyttan is one.
We stopped by and enjoyed a cup of coffee and to heat up.
Lucky us it was pretty warm inside cause we were frozen into our bones.

Coastal winds can be super fresh and on the day we were working we were with those winds.

Just after we left we found a field of flowers.

You find all our shoes right here.

Another stop was our favourite spot, Damernas.

Did you know a dip in the ocean every day is very good for your health? If you want to improve your life on all fronts, think about taking a dip in the sea. It will be one of the best decisions that you make, the feeling afterwards is great!

It increases your libido your immune system, it’s good for your circulation, it reduces stress + a lot more.

Kristin never say no to a cold dip in the sea.
In Varberg we have a lot of stops a long the promenad. You can easily go for a swim on your lunch break.

I’m very curious to see if any of you handed in shoes in any of Scorett’s stores?
The shoe reuse project is such a great thing! Tell your friends about it so we all can help others in need !

Here is the full video we made the day of the shoot.
Hope you like it!


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    1. tusen tack! vad roligt att du gillar, ja men det skulle jag tro! i en sjö är det väl oftast kallare också? kylan som är bra för kroppen! x