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This update is an important one, it will give you tips on how to look after your shoes and how to make them last longer! Great news for your wallet, oh and the environment.
There’s not always a need to buy new when you can easily look after those you already have!

I’m wearing Starlily sneakers Knut.

For a while now I’ve been using these sneakers, THEY’RE WHITE! As you know white shoes don’t stay white for long, but with Scorett’s Nr.1 cleaner you are giving your sneakers a good chance of looking like new for much longer, with not much effort.

The first thing to do with your new pair of shoes is to coat them with a protection oil. Oiling protects against rain, snow, dirt and everyday stains without impairing the shoe’s breathability. For smooth leather, suede, and textile, use Nr.2 neutral wax.

Suede shoes – I  have always been afraid of buying in this type of material because I found it so hard to look after them once they got dirty.
Not anymore though, Kristin & I were pleasantly surprised whilst using Scorett’s cleaning block the other day. Kristins light blue shoes were covered in mud, so after giving them a scrub with the block and applying the conditioner, honestly, they looked brand new. 

Our pumps are from K.Cobler – you’ll find them


Reuse is an exclusive collection of used shoes – for both men & women.
The collection is only available online.
Such a great way to ‘REUSE’ someone’s shoes (which in many cases have barely been used).
All shoes in the reuse collection have gone through a cleansing process and thorough check.
I love this concept so much. We all need to think a little harder when it comes to consumption.

You might have a pair of shoes you think someone else could enjoy?
Hand in your shoes at the shoe reuse box in your Scorett store.

Give Buy Get .
The shoes can also be donated to the campaign partner Human Bridge, who make sure they end upon the feet of people in need, and some shoes will be sold via the Reuse collection. Scorett will donate directly to aid efforts and generate income for various aid projects.

I’m gonna donate 4 pairs tomorrow ! Go through your wardrobe too, might be shoes someone else can enjoy instead of being hidden away in a closet.

This is such fantastic initiative – thanks Scorett!

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