The summer house

Welcome to our little cabin in Sanddamm.
Few years ago we renovated this house from the 1960’s.
Jake spent every night after work renovating this house. Within 6 months it was almost finished. Here is a little sneak peak how it looks today.

The hallway – I wish we had this wallpaper on more than just the hallway, all over the livingroom would of been nice. Will 100% go with this design on our next project. Love it!

Left off the entrance we have our small but functional bathroom with a shower and toilet.
I found the cabinet second hand. We chosen to go with tiles 2/3 and a wallpaper which I’m very pleased with. Gives a soft look and it’s easy to change the feel of the room.

Anna who lives here now is an interior designer. I love her style.
She also run the boutiqe Decolective in Spinneriet Lindome, make sure you visit!

We have two small bedrooms an open livingroom/kitchen.

In the bedroom to the right we have Harriet the wallpaper in green.

The house is 65 m2 in total. 50 m2 upstairs and 15 m2 downstairs.
There’s a utility room and spare room, perfect for storage.

Five minutes walk through the forest and you’re on the beach.
I love our little house. We’re moving in for a while in May.

Living here makes me feel like we’re on a holiday.
Glad Jake spotted it on the market that one sunny day back in August 2016.

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