Fever in Bua

Shortly after these photos were taken I was lucky enough to get high fever.
I was so cold when getting into bed. Kept me awake through the night.

In the morning I was super tired and my whole body was in pain.
With a very active Finn I felt sorry for myself. I needed to sleep.
But what todo with a happy baby. He gave me some energy to keep going strong anyway.

It’s Wednesday night now and the fever is still here. Highly enoying. Hope I wake up fresh by tomorrow.
Don’t have much more to report than this –
Till next time.


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2 thoughts on “Fever in Bua

    1. HejKajsa!! Tack rara ~ just nu på sjukan för att få bukt på infektionen .. :/ men hoppas på en piggare helg! Kram till dig!