Funny Swedes

To get a Swede social in winter time you organize a 15- o’clock fika.
We never miss out on a ”kaffe & kaka” .

Marlene Kristin & I had a meeting before we opened. Marie came with her brand new pottery, we all we’re amazed over the plate with blue roses.
Busy talking about this and that so I forgot to take photos really.
Today was only about being social and hang out.
15-o’clock fika is the best.
To describe a fika for a non swede is like what a cold beer in the pub is if you’re english, or perhaps a ginger kombucha if you’re an american.
That’s what a fika is for a swede.

Everyone loves Fruvintage11kaffe. Fine coffee beans with a good cause, you support läkarmissionen if you buy a bag! Such a fine gesture.
Always nice to hang out with lovely Marlene, so gentle and thoughtful.
Finn got a gift from her – his very own kånken bag.

Marie were selling ceramics like crazy and looking after Finn.
You can visit her shop if you wish to buy online.

I do think the rose plate will be the new best seller.
Tiny semla buns from our dear neighbour, konditoributiken. She made so many semlas, both swedish and icelandic! Both were a treat!
First I was unsure if we were going to finish all of them, but we did!

Such a nice Wednesday afternoon.

I love how Kristin always goes all in! Stripes with stripes! is the new black!

Michelle & Bea busy talking secrets 😉 .
Thanks for coming today, loved it!


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