15 o’clock coffee

Hello there!
It’s wednesday already and that means an open shop.
Today is a special day cause Marlene & Marie are joining us.
We decided to open FGL a bit earlier than usual so doors will be open from 15 o’clock.
Marlene is selling her fruvintage11 kaffe and Marie her pottery.
Konditoributiken who is our neighbour at brukstorget has given us Semlas for the coffee today, lucky us!
I really hope to see you at the store sometime today.
You can’t miss out on a 3kaffe!

On the sunniest day last week we released Apelviken jumper – and the respons has been lovely. I hope that you will love these sweaters as much as we do, so comfy! An over sized jumper is always very useful.

Lovely little Finn boy.
Always with me while I’m working. Talk about slow pase nowadays, but it’s perfectly ok, cause who needs to stress 2019. Not us.
What could take an hour takes about four hours, haha!
But like my friend said the other day;
Becoming a parent means let go of your own ego. It’s not about you anymore.
I totally agree.

At FGL we got the best sofa for feeding Finn.
..or to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

See you at 15 o-clock.

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