This weekend

“reklam för egen verksamhet”

Today is spent at FGL all day. We have a big sale going on and a workshop with Lisa B today and tomorrow.

Frida & I been packing orders like crazy this week and I think we just hit a record with visitors online! Wow! So much fun.

Yesterday I prepped the soup for the weekends event.
My green pea soup. I shared the recipe once before right here.

Days spent in the shop makes me so happy and filled with energy. I’m very happy that Finn enjoys it in there to, FGL is much bigger compared to our house so it makes it a bit more easy walking around also a change of scenery.

Tones of things to look at for Finn as well, and he likes being on the move every second. Sitting down is not his cup of tea.

and I can sneak of to breast feed in a corner..

There is still few things to grab on the sale –

These maxi dresses for exemple.

or the Varberg set.

You find it all here.
Hope to see you today we’re open between 11-15 and straight after opening hours the workshop starts.


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