How it all started part 1.


Whilst my memory is fresh I thought to update you guys about our past couple of days here in Varberg hospital.

Sleep deprivation has been the toughest part throughout my pregnancy for sure.
It’s been weeks with next to no sleep and this weekend it has really effected me.
Our Christmas was meant to be spent with my family on the 22nd of December, but there was no chance I had the energy to join in or be part of the day.
On the 21st both Jake and I collected a sleeping tablet from the hospital to help the problem. I was so happy ‘knowing’ that I’d be able to have a full nights sleep and regain some much needed energy. Oh boy.
Another night of, yup, three hours sleep. Exhausted. Woke again at 01.20am, seems to have something special around that time, always twenty past one.
Saturday evening came, they’d given me one more tablet for that night to, so I swallowed that by 10pm.
You guessed it, three more hours…zzz

Sunday was the first time I wanted to check out from my own pregnancy. Had enough, tears were coming and I felt so tired I was beginning to worry.
How on earth could I manage this birth?
Contacted the hospital and she said, ”this is how it is. You are in week 42, you won’t get much more sleep. Try and rest as much as you can.”
She was right – Sunday to Monday ZERO SLEEP.
With my patience running thin, this was certainly not fun anymore. Called again and said I can’t carry on doing this.
Luckily this lady said for us to come in to get some rest and check ups.

My Monday ended up with three sessions of acupuncture, a ‘sleep’ pill, then I finally fell a sleep again, but only for those three magical hours. Stubbornly stayed awake for some time and called on the nurse around 3am. One more go, some new needles and a dose of morphine. Goodnight Mir.

It allowed me to become super relaxed, felt like I was somewhere else. Half the Tuesday blurrily passed by, the morphine’s side effects made me vomit.

Jake went home to pick up some essentials since it going to be a slow day for us.
Nothing to report, other than more waiting.
Talked to the doctor and she said to start the inducement process by Wednesday and explained all the options to us.
After she left, I began thinking and over lunch I decided to get the process started right away.
Not another sleepless night waiting.
May as well be in labour throughout the night instead of lead waiting.

Jakes corner next to my bed. Glad we have our own room.

Said and done.
I had a balloon filled with water placed in my uterus to get my hormones working. A natural way to trick the body and get somewhere without any medication.

Brought my crystal for some luck.

Small contractions in the night but nothing too painful.
More acupuncture before bedtime and one sleeping tablet.
This had been my best sleep since, forever, woke up few times but I dare to say, I probably had 6 hours sleep!

If there were no real contractions by 2pm on wednesday afternoon
I would get a small shot of medicine every second hour that will help the contractions to start and that’s what happend, felt so relaxed, excited and ready. The previous night sleep was truly a game changer.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “How it all started part 1.

  1. Åh intressant att läsa och nu kan jag skriva de jag inte vågade innan. När vi skulle få igångsättning med vårt 2 barn så gick de inte. Och kejsarsnittsalen var full så vi blev hemskickade. Usch så hemskt när man inte kan sova. Minns de så väl! Grattis till er son!

  2. Så fint du skriver Miranda! Minns också hur helt slut jag var i slutet av Charlies graviditet. Att inte få sova och alla hormoner. Jag trodde jag skulle bli galen på riktigt. Fint att allt verkar ha gått bra för er ❤️