watermelon belly

Just opened an email saying:
Your baby is now bigger than a watermelon, oh thanks! 
Going into week 42 today. (41+0) 8 days over time. 

With every new day I keep on thinking today is the day,  have not had a single sign yet. Cannot wait.
He’s too cozy in there I guess. 
Our little christmas baby – it’s time now.

Not much to report other than I think I eat to much chocolate, due to the lack of sleep each night. Guess I need the energy, sleeping in the middle of the day don’t work for me. So chocolate has been my treat to get some energy.

For a couple of weeks it has been 3am wake up, but lately around 01.22am ! Way to early!
It’s so weird when I check the time and it’s 01.22 three days in a row. Last night it was 01.26am so not far from it.

Cashmere set from Blankens. Best gift to myself this year.

Today has been a slow one. Been resting most of the day, cleaning a bit, went out for a walk in the afternoon, and still no sign of a baby wanting to come out.
Had a long conversation with Kristin regarding whats gonna happen in 2019. Fun things a head.

I feel excited for whats to come and also very thankful for all your tips and wishes on my instagram – your support means a lot.


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6 thoughts on “watermelon belly

    1. Hej Emma. ja lite så, varje dag är som en ny förhoppning, men var dag som går är ju sjukt mkt närmare än igår.. idag söndags känns som en väldigt rba dag! kram