& here’s the recipes

The other day when I updated regarding gifts I never shared the recipes.
So here we go. 

Wiener Nougat
200 gram dark chocolate – melt over a water bath
200 gram nougat – when chocolate is melted, add chunks of nougat stir till melted
100 gram flaked almonds – roast in a pan till golden colour add in the mix above.
Put baking paper in a form. Place in the fridge for few hours – when cold ready to cut.
I did a few big bars and smaller chunks wrapped in paper.

Polly Kladdkaka 
3 dl sugar 
3.5 table spoon cacao
1 3/4 dl flour
1 tea spoon vanilla sugar
pinch of salt
2 dl polly chocolate

To write on the note.
175 degrees
Melt 100gr butter and add 2 eggs
Mix with the ingredients above.
Bake in oven for 15 min.

everything I had in my drawer treat
Use what you have at home.

Dark chocolate 70% + 80%
White chocolate
I melted over a water bath:
Chopped almonds and walnuts.
Roasted these with coconut flakes and in the melt I added some mini marshmallows to.
Put in whatever container you think will be good, leave in fridge for few hours – cut up when it’s hardend. 

If you wanna add some flavour I’d say orange cest would be nice. 
Cinnamon could be lovely. Use your imagination.. no rules. 
Everything with chocolate is a T R E A T ! 


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