Christmas gifts or?

What’s your feelings about Christmas gifts?
For me, donating or giving to charity is the best kind of pressie. 
To help an organisation or buy something that supports a cause.
I’m gonna support Läkarmission most vulnerable cause right now.
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To the ones I’m buying gifts for each year, you will be a part of my donation to läkarmissionen. 

Marlene at Fruvintage is selling her coffee and for every bag bought, a percentage of the profit will go to Läkarmissionen.

In buying a t-shirt from our sisterhood collection at FGL store you support women & children in need through Frideborgs kvinnojour.

Speak up T-shirt

Quality and useful long lasting gifts
 If buying gifts I think it’s better to choose quality over quantity, obviously. 
Maybe something you can use in your everyday life. 
I think the typical ”sock pressie” has been swapped with a phone case nowadays.

Everyone use their phones daily, for countless hours so a good case may just be ‘well’ invested money.

The case Kåsa is named after a beach area in Varberg and so is the leather charger Getterön.
A good quality case prevents your phone to getting damaged, which is great. This year I’ve been an ambassador for Holdit Brand, they are based in Varberg so I’m extra proud being a part of their journey. I can 100% say that all their products are well made and built to last. To get your order before Christmas – you’ll need to order latest on 19th of December. 

Homemade with love.
Something you made yourself is lovely to give I think. Thoughtful and fun.
Yesterday I made Wienernougat to giveaway along with some coffee.
Plus a jar ready to make a ”Polly kladdkaka”.
Just add some butter and eggs on the side.
Our eggs will be from our girls.

You can cut up the chocolate in small pieces or wrap up a big piece. Nice boths way. 

Please comment below if you wanna share your tips on gifts.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas gifts or?

  1. Brorsan, svägerskan och jag köper, sedan ett antal år tillbaka, välgörenhetspresenter till varandra. De får i år ett katastrofpaket och ett barn-på-flykt-paket från Unicef samt tre lotter från Cancerfonden. Känns som väldigt bra julklappar.