More food it is

A while ago I questioned my Instagram what you’d wish to see more of in my feed.
Almost 90% agreed for food and recipes. So I thought, ok I’ll try.
After all I’ve been a chef for many, many years..

Let’s start with a Vegetarian curry I cooked on our ‘ Utvecklingsdag ‘ a while ago. I never use measurements really , I just put in what I have at home. If you like carrots you add carrots for example.
Sometimes I may not give you an exact amount of ingredients.  Just so you know!
Always when cooking – taste it – see if something’s missing out , it’s usually more salt or some lemon. Sometimes even something sweet! Bring out the flavours more. Just try one or two times, experimenting is the best way to go.

A Mir curry the swedish way.. 4-6 ppl

2 diced onions – as you prefer
3 chopped paprika – whatever colours you like
4 cloves diced garlic 
2 diced tomato
4 tea spoons yellow curry
– fry this in a pan

Salt pepper cayenne pepper a little pinch to start with.
3 dl chili sauce 
1 lemon – squeeze on top
3 dl sour cream – I prefer lactos free, up to you.
1 can of Coconut milk
1 can of chickpeas
3 dl red lentils – simmer for 15 min. They can be soaked 30 min before you add them. 
Taste it, if somethings missing add more spices . Perhaps a teaspoon of honey? 
Top the curry with some baby spinach when ready to serve – that’s good for your tummy + it’s beautiful to add some green to all the yellow.

Your choice of rice – I boil the rice with some tumeric and cummin seeds.
Served with naan bread and some mango chutney and yoghurt, add lots of coriander in the yoghurt too, always nice. 
Voil’a easiest swedish curry ever. 

Usually for breakfast or mid day snack I make chiapudding to keep in my fridge for couple of days. Great source of energy and healthy stuff.

Chiapudding with berries and cardamon.

2 cups of Almond milk or coconut milk
6 tablespoons of Chia seeds
Lots of grinded cardamom seeds, don’t grind them to much, it’s nice if it’s a bit crunchy. 1/2 spoon..

Soak overnight  (or minimum 15 min before you eat it)
– your choice to add frozen berries in the pudding or if you add berries on top.
Good either way.

Scoop some pudding in a glas add natural yoghurt a spoon or two
Sprinkle granola, nuts or whatever you prefer. 
Slice some banana and drizzle honey on top. If you a cinnamon lover as me add that to. 


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