welcome out little baby

Week 40.
I’m more than ready. I think.

Full of excitement and joy. It’s still a bit unreal in a way.
As if we’re we’re getting a baby any day.
Such a blessing.

The other day I got my new camera. A Canon 6D.
So I experimented with taking some pictures.
Thought it would be a nice memory to have some of the bump fully grown.

I hope Jake are willing to teach me some tricks with the camera, cause I learn ‘by doing’ not reading things. The most boring thing.
I think there will be some tips on youtube as well, best channel to find out about stuff.

40 weeks – 99.3% in..
Let me share the latest regarding my pregnancy.

Sleeping is very uncomfortable, stomach gets pretty hard if I stay to long on one side, so a lot of turning throughout the night. With ten pillows all over the place, supporting my back, stomach, knees. Waking up almost every night at 3am – sometimes already at 2am.

Trying to eat extra iron, broccoli, lentils, beens –
& when I remember I take a tablet just in case.

Thinking a lot about breath work, getting so many tips regarding just that. With the right technique pain will be less and I will get a smoother experience. Many has said to go through the contraction without fighting against the pain, to focus hard and say good bye to each one on cause it’s one step closer a baby..
( will tell you all about how it went after my experience )

I’m overwhelmed by all the lovin you guys give me through messages on IG, FB. My heart is full.
I feel I have a big ‘mama community’ on social media.
Many of my closest friends live far away and Jakes family are in England, so your support means a lot.

I’ve been lucky being able to work till now, my days pass by so quickly. My pregnancy has been very good. No cravings, no feeling sick, in the beginning I was a bit more hungry, got pretty HANGRY if I ddn’t eat in time.
My hormones might been a bit upset with a Jake sometimes, sorry love!
It wasn’t me speaking if I was a bit cattish.

Gonna see my midwife today, must be the last visit? I said that the last time, I might not see you again, hopefully I have a baby by the 10th of December. Not baby yet.
Jake has put his bets on today. I had 4th of december.

I think I gained closer to 15kg in total. I was under 10kg for agees.. but the last weeks baby grown a bit more.

Thanks for reading,
if you wanna heart it, I would be so happy.


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4 thoughts on “welcome out little baby

  1. Verkligen jättefina bilder, du kommer uppskatta att ha dem sen.. En bildserie från början av magen till slutet med en bebis blir ett fint kollage. 🙂