More apple pie to the people

The weather lately has been unreal. Warm days over 20 degrees.

Can promise you our girls are enjoying it to the fullest.

Our newest member is Marge a dwarf cochin, she is the cutest. So tiny.

What I also wanna share is our FGL Dinner this Thursday.
Unexpected conversations with beautiful souls.

Kristin & I will share our story from the start up until now – the FGL saga. How is it to start a business with no real plans or intensions of growing big.
We said from day one – let’s open a pop up store. Five years later we’re still here, it never was just a ‘pop up’ shop.

Together we’ll enjoy a nice meal, discuss around the topic of courage for the night.
Courage – what does that entail for you?
If you’re joining in our FGL evening, we are happy to offer 20% off everything in the shop.

Yesterday I was working from home – managed to finish everything quickly so I had time to go out in the garden. I mowed the lawn – trimmed our apple tree.
And then…

made the best apple pie ever. With white chocolate on top.

Found the recipe over at Underbara Claras blog.
I had to swap a few ingredients, but turned out pretty damn good.
In fact the best apple cake I ever made. If I don’t say so myself!!
Glad I was stalking Clara a year back in her updates… hahaha!

You’ll need:

6-8 small apples

200 g butter

1 tablespoon whole cardamom kernels ( them easily)

2 dl light muscovado sugar / raw sugar ( I took caster sugar )

1 1/2 dl whipped cream

1/2 dl of wheat flour

1/2 dl potato flour (I never had any so took 0.5dl more flour)

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

4 dl oatmeal ( I used whole grain oats)

100 g white chocolate

Cut the apple into slices and lightly fry them with a small amount of butter.
Grease a form and add the apples.
Melt the butter in a saucepan and finish by mixing the cardamom kernels.
Add the sugar and cream.
Mix all the dry ingredients and pour them into the sugar and cream.
Spread the mixture over the apples and grate white chocolate all over the pie.

Bake for about 30 minutes at 200 degree heat.

Thanks Clara for sharing such a lovely cake recipe.
To everyone who reads all the way to here, please please, you have to make one!

…just let me know what you think!

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