-Världens barn insamling-

A while ago I got asked if I wanted to be an ambassador through my social media accounts, to help raise awareness of Världens barn.
For me there was no doubt.  OFF COURSE!
Couple of years back I was travelling in Thailand for work and if I can I’ll try my best to help others in need.
Everyone can contribute in some way.
”Once, when I was in Northern Thailand, I was so taken with the beauty of a little girl. Her laughter and joy made me realise how miserable and unhappy many of us are, and yet we have everything.
I couldn’t sleep that night, so I updated my personal Facebook status, in hope that more people could help those children”
This message alone lead to :
29 shares, 45 comments, 76 likes & 
13.900 SEK to the orphange.
All because of the experience I had earlier in the day. 
So with this said I know sharing awareness and help other makes a huge difference, few years back I could give the children in northern Thailand 13.900 SEK. Just by update my Facebook status. I’m so lucky to have such loving and giving friends and family around me.
– Dear friends, family and followers.
The yearly campaign of @varldensbarn (Children of the world) has started, it’s where we get together to collect money for children all over the world, that need it the most.
•The smallest amount can make a huge difference, and save the life of a child. Living in Sweden is such a privilege, we don’t know how it is to be hungry, cold or lonely. We all can afford to help out those who need it the most.
If we ALL help to contribute it will be a huge change for many.
I am so thankful for any kind of contribution to this important campaign. The 22nd of September it is my 35th birthday and I have decided to give money instead of celebrating with lots of food and friends this year. For me it feels better to help others, so my birthday gift this year will be a donation!
Think of something you could easily skip and make a donation instead. Could it be that coffee? Or that sweater that you already have ten the same of in your wardrobe?

When I got asked to share awareness regarding Världens barn I read up more about how they work with aid agencies, just reading the sentence that 15 000 children under the age of 5 years, die every day, through poor conditions… It’s heartbreaking!
There is so much injustice in this world and these poor children suffer.
By sharing this in my social media I hope I can get more people to help out!
Thank you with all my heart, it means a lot to me that you’ve read this far, and thank you for making my 35th birthday extra special and meaningful.

Click here to come to the donation.

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