The Norrmans part 2

We sat the alarm for 6.30am to check the sun rise. But unfortuantly, it was too many clouds this monday morning. Warm thou.

Every inch of this place is just stunning.

After a long breakfast we made our clothes ready – even brought our steamer.
Could you believe how orangized we become? the only thing that happend was that I brought the wrong sample of a shirt.  Noticed that after 50+ photos. Nevermind.
…and my hair had the biggest knot (trassel ever)  my daily struggle or look I guess.
Wonder if we one day will have a stylist with us?

These adorable highland cattles gave us a stare when stopping the car, we took the wrong turn.
Worth it thou, I would never pass such beauties without giving them some loving.

We said to photo some old favourites and some new samples, we did pretty good.
Little did I know that this place, Stevns Klint is in the Unescos list of world heritage sites in Denmark .

The cliff reveals sections from 66 million years back in time. Once upon a time it got hit by the asteroid who whiped out 3/4 of our planets animals and plants.

This set will be released Friday this week. Excited much!

LA- Shirt is popular by many.

Maroon polka dress – good choice this fall. Wear it with a knitted sweater when days are colder, always fun to use leggings in the same colour too.

We have been laughing a lot these day, because of happiness but also of being tired.
It’s just after a super busy period with FGL. Our summer has surely been great, far better than we could ask for, so it’s not strange we feel a bit run down. But also excited at the same time. These two days in Denmark has been great.

The Norrmans is such a amazing place. Full with love, inspiration,  tons of dedication and soul is put into every detail. I love creative people who live their dreams. DOERS!

We just had a sneak peak on their next project. The renovation will start this winter for a lounge area and a boutique upstairs.

This is my new found friend, the whippet Helium, she’s lush!  always on the hunt for food .

Having a dog among guests are the best. Many places in England have that – makes it all extra special.
If you’re looking for a cozy getaway this winter, you should definetly book yourself in.

Read more about Anna & Lars right here. 

Thank you so much for everything,




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