Kolonilott i Slottskogen maybe?

Found the house of our dreams. This cottage in Slottskogen.

For a while Jakes been talking about the coloni lots in Slottsskogen since he done few jobs in a house there.
The other day we stoped by quickly for a walk.

But it was kinda hard to just walk by ‘quickly’, cause all the tiny houses had the most bloomy gardens. We were mesmearized.

The typical ‘Faluröd stuga’ in Sweden. Cute!

I like white houses with green around the windows. I think our house in Bua was like this back in the days when I grew up, could be why I like it extra much.

I can totally see our chickens loving life around here. So much to explore.

Just before we were going to the car I got to see this blondie in her window.

Elin – what’s the odds she was there and then!

We were just browsing around for few minutes, I knew she had a house in this area but not exactly where.

You probably seen her cottage on instagram. It’s stunning and a real eye catcher.
She and her boyfriend bought this place few years ago and been working  on this for a while, they  opened up the whole house and made a massive kitchen area, beams in the ceiling etc etc.

I hope I get the chance to visit once more, cause we were just saying hi quickly.

This hut is their bedroom. Cute! If we were lucky to own a house in this area, I think I would go for that soft green.

So many dreams to live by, we said; lets sell our summer house so we can live in Gothenburg in the summers instead. Felt like a fun idea.

Thanks for the quick hello Elin! Enjoy your cottage, we are well jell .



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