more berries

I got a new hobby. Picking berries of all kinds. Mostly I do it for our hens to be honest. They absolutly love berries.

Makes it more fun to, when you know someone really loves you little bit extra when eating them.

For a couple of weeks now we stay in our house in Sandamm, it’s so nice. Feels like we are away on a holiday even tho we are 5km away from our usual home.

This is litterally outside our door step.

Jake passed with his bike going down for a dip, for his daily swim!
I wish I had the same need for a dip in the blue, the people who loves it so much comes up from the water so happy and fresh.
I always get to cold after a dip.

Picking berries nearby this dosn’t make me so sad.

Love Lisa B t-shirt Stay soft.

A cute little deer in the right corner. Just above these trees our house isΒ  located.

SO many berries I think I could be busy the next couple of weeks. Happy days!

This tiny place will soon be grey. That’s the grande finale on this reno.
Will not happen before the berries is gone…





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