Lilla Ro Café

On our way home from last weeks holiday, we stopped by the coziest of cafe’s .

Lilla Ro.

Jennie my friend told us to visit. Glad we made in time cause the are only open till 16.00 o clock.

Lilla ro Cafe is in between tiny roads basically in ‘no where land’ kinda. But luckily we found it.
Such a cool cafe with the sweetest of owner. She makes everything herself with help of her parents ( I think) it felt like they knew her well and lots of things regarding the place.

I was lucky enough to get the last bite of their salty caramel cheesecake, and I could easily go back for just that cake. Lilla Ro is about 1.5h away from us,  would be worth the drive.

I love quirky fun places like this.
She mentioned that she don’t really do this for a living it’s more the clothing she makes who is her main job, but she spends more and more time baking cakes and stands behind the till nowadays,
‘to be honest I don’t really know what I’m doing’ she said with a smile. I’m spending more time baking cakes than sawing nowadays. Winters are more quiete, we’re only open on Sundays and that’s when I have time for making my clothes.

I love creative people that just go with the flow and all of the sudden they have a thing going really well without even knowing how loved they are. When you follow that dream, the magic happens!

Everything in this place were full with funny stuff. The Porclain, A tiger that I wish I owned myself.
Quirky stuff that just gives it the perfect vibe.

Even the toilet was cute as hell. Whilst stood in the que waiting to order – a song came on and I fell in LOVE straight away.

Love those new songs, you just know from the start. So this stop ddn’t just give us a yummy dessert, I have a new favourite song too.

Thanks Lilla ro, will be back soon cause I want to see more of your hens and hear the stories about their personalities – since I’m the owner of 5 ladies and 1 rooster I know there will be some to talk about between us höns mammor!

Their IG.



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3 thoughts on “Lilla Ro Café

      1. Haha ja han är absolut amerikan. 🙂
        Nu har jag lyssnat. Skön låt.
        Du gillar den där lite sköna, lågmälda typen av musik har jag förstått.
        Jag gillar det mesta, så roligt med lite nya bekantskaper.