Busy days

This week has gone by so quickly. Can’t say we have enjoyed the sunshine much, or any midnight swims due to the final fix on our house.

Sorry green house cause you look like shiet this year, but havn’t had enough time to look after you much, but that’s ok. You can’t do everything at once.

Love renting our house out during the summer cause we get things done. The things you know about- but don’t do until you get a kick in your ass. House is soon in perfection for the families that will rent it.

Other than that it’s high season at FGL Store . It’s a lot of emails/whatsapp call to India regarding the new sampling. Got an update just now regarding winter samples, exciting.

Black Frill skirt. New in.

Blooming blue dress -just released. Kristin on Venice Beach in February, 6 months ago already.

This Wednesday was a sales record and it’s never been that busy before ! So happy and grateful.
Yesterday I worked on my collaboration with Boråstapeter. I have one more room that has been transformed. I will share that during this weekend. Thanks for all the loving I got from our bedroom in bloom. THANK YOU ALL!

About this morning, I cleaned out all closets, cleaned our windows. Prepped the car full with things for the tip, not so exciting but it’s needed. Now I’m updating my blog and checking the email.

Everything will soon be ready. Still got a few hours to go before heading into the city to work with Kristin at FGL Store.

Enjoy your weekend peeps,


This update is a collaboration for my own buisness FGL Store.

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One thought on “Busy days

  1. Åh det är min mission denna sommaren, rensa rensa rensa. Och göra lite ommöbleringar och fix hemma 🙂
    Kom hem med massa nya kläder och saker från vår resa och kände, som jag oftast känner efter längre resor, att jag inte trivs hundra hemma. Så nu är det projekt på gång. Blir inspirerad av dina inlägg, både om rensning men också om att göra om hemma. Efter 11 år i samma lägenhet, så är det dags för lite förnyelse tror jag. Även om jag såklart gjort vissa förändringar genom åren. Så nu längtar jag hem från jobbet så jag kan fortsätta på det arbete jag startade igår. Tack för inspirationen!