Fina Marie

Mary my Mary, my little soulmate.

Every week we see each other for  loooong cups of coffe. We always end up speaking non stop about high and lows. It’s accually hard to stop when we get started.

A green greenhouse.
Mary gave me ‘ djungel gurka’ if I remember right, the cutest little things.

Great in salads. I’d say; great to stare at, how cute!

Mary is a creater, a doer, a potter, an artist.

Here I’m holding her latest plates, stunning colours. Wonder what she’s gonna name these ones ? Usually her pottery is named after someone in the family.
Is this a Julia Plate?

Julia is her daughter, she’s  a designer, a very skilled one too! If I’m not wrong she makes most of Gina Tricot clothing  and  Julia has  lots of funny tattoos that she makes herself btw, I mean why not.
Love creative people who just : do.

The vase.
A got mine on a shelf at home. So funny. The ass is my favourite part. Looks real.

Till next time Mary. Always a pleasure




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