Postcard from Spain


Greetings from Spain and it’s absolute amazing here.
Today we took the ferry to Isla Tabarco. Such a little hidden gem.

It took 20 min to get there with the ferry.

I said to Jake that I could easily spent the weekend here. Absolutly nothing todo really. Such a tiny island you could walk around it in 20 min maximum.
Places like this gives you so much tho, total relaxation. Not much tourists either.
Suits me well.

Meet my new friend Eva. Such a gorgeous girl. I first seen her when she pulled a cats tail so I called the cat over. But he ran away quickly – me and Eva had a selfie moment together haha! had to take a photo of this cutie.

This was our view whilst having a lunch. I can tell you I enjoyed every minute of it.

1st of June is an extra special day  cause my gran Linne’a should of turned 100 years old today if she still was with us.
We had a cake and few beers to saluté her for sure.

Shorts and Duster comes from my shop. Favourite outfit accually.

Enjoy your weekend,


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3 thoughts on “Postcard from Spain

  1. Hej, jag har läst din blogg ett tag och tycker att du tar så fina bilder. Tack för att du delar med dig.

    Jag blev dock riktigt illa berörd av kommentaren om barnet som plågade en katt (om jag uppfattade din beskrivning rätt).

    Istället för att börja ta fotografier på barnet och bli “kompisar” kanske det hade varit läge att säga ifrån? Utifrån din kommentar låter det snarare som att du förstärkte beteendet genom att visa henne den uppskattning som du tycks ha visat.

    Om jag har missförstått situationen ber jag om ursäkt.