Brad & Abby


You may of read my previous post, regarding our lost bags. Here’s the update… They reached us much faster than expected, 1 hour before the wedding started actually –
VERY happy for that!


The Fletcher family travelled to Devon for good friends, Brad and Abby’s wedding. We stayed in Finlake Holiday Park. Set in the beautiful English countryside, Finlake has log cabins and static cabins. Surrounded by green rolling hills, forests and the sound of the wildlife, you can understand why this is a popular place to spend an ‘English Summer Holiday’.

An English wedding is different to those in Sweden.
We all met up on the Friday. More and more people arrived and the first night was like ‘a warming up party’ before the big day.
It got a bit late for some but I went home early. What was really fascinating is how the English always feel fresh no matter how many drinks the night before.

Wedding day started at 1pm located at the The Great Barn.
Even before the ceremony started I cried, walking in the the stunningly beautiful venue. Everyone looked so gorgeous and seeing the groom, that was enough to set me off!

The venue really was something else. Renovated barn, traditional oak wooden ceiling, courtyard and garden in full bloom, the out houses were from another world, take a look.


After the amazing couple said yes we were taken out in the garden. Same time as this the sun decided to join us. It was just the perfect day, drinks and nibbles and sunshine.

In England you can either get invited to both day & night, or the evening.
I think at the end there were up to 150 people.

Ladies – from the left Cassie, Becky and bridesmaid Kate.

The groom and his team.

The bride. Simply GORGEOUS!

Abby’s mum & Joel. Looking good.

Me and my Jake.

Grandad was happy. He smiled all day and all night, we had a long talk about his whole life. I love stories! 87 and a champion!

The Fletchers .

4pm we went back inside the barn.

I love how so many wear hats – makes the wedding extra cool for me.

Dinner, speechess, and dancing throughout the night.
Abby & Brad got both rain and sunshine on their wedding day,

I know in Sweden we say it means good luck to have that on your wedding day.

I’m still a bit taken by how everything could be soo perfect.
Start to finish.

Amazing people and lots of smiles, plus lots of new friends for me! Very grateful to be there.

Thank you for everything, Mr & Mrs Horman.


Mirie ( my english nickname)

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