when things go wrong

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday felt like the longest day.

The morning started well, Jake and I left early to go up to Landvetter airport. 12 days of holiday ahead of us. I was ‘selling’ Jake Arlanda airport, telling him how nice it was, our stop over was 2.5hours, until next flight. Planned for us to have a nice relaxed breakfast whilst doing a bit of work before we arrived to England.

It totally changed when we found out bags were missing! As we had a few hours things would hopefully work out anyway.

Unhelpful baggage services sent us to terminal 2 first, then off to terminal 5, where a man said go to terminal 4, then back to terminal 5. Everyone sent us in different directions – between the terminals we ran, in total 6km, like mad people.
Personally I have never experienced such chaos in an airport before regarding baggage. When we managed to get through there was a very slim chance of us getting onto that plane – nor our bags. I felt angry and sad. One lady, our saviour, said – I’ll check you in. Such a star, she give us the smiles back!

Stressful start to say the least, with no food in our stomaches. Time was now 11. Glad to be sat on the plane!
However, half way through the flight a poor man had a heart attack. We diverted for an emergency landing in Amsterdam.

Such a horrid situation at the time with the helpless man fighting for his life. Heartless people started taking photos of the whole situation. At this point I was so angry. Like how can you not show any respect? I wanted to scream, cry and throw those phones and people off the plane. The stewardesses handled it very well. Credit to those girls. Bless the man who was fighting for his life and hope he’s well today.
On arrival, Thursday afternoon, we learned that our luggage never left Sweden.

Absolutely speechless at this point- HANGRY as hell and tired. But what can you do really.
We’re going to a wedding this weekend so that makes me the most upset, I was so happy for my outfit I bought…

Everything works out in the end, and it’s only material things but a day like this with such highs and lows, handling all sorts of feelings, you kinda get to know yourself a bit more. Stress is not for me.

Enjoy your weekend!

We’re on our way to the wedding venue.


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10 thoughts on “when things go wrong

  1. May ease and peace AND joy wash over you like a tsunami🧡 you handled the stress with all the grace in your soul. Sending you all the best energy for your remaining vacation…. infused with Now Only the BEST to come. Hug, Kimberly

  2. Men gode värld.. All min energi och lycka till er nu, när ni är på plats! Vilken faslig dag.. Jag hoppas också mannen klarade sig. 💕 PoK

  3. O nej, vilken hemsk start på er resa! Känner mig lika upprörd som dej över de människornas beteende!!! Hur kan man ens tänka tanken att ta upp sin telefon o fota i en situation som den! Så fullständigt vidrigt.
    Hoppas bröllopet är fint och att ni får en härlig semester.

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  5. pust, igenkänning till morgonkaffet.
    det som inte får hända hände också mig,
    på eller FRÅN just arlanda,
    – för första gången i min karriär
    och med den möjligtvis värsta tänkbara väskan.
    direktflyg från arlanda till gatwick, väskan full
    med alla tänkbara känslomässigt värdefulla saker,
    allt det finaste som tas med till plåtningar,
    kamerautrustning.. och värsta av allt;
    ‘makers and muse’ arbete från 5 dagar & 4 kollegor
    inresta från runt i världen, – borta.
    väskan kom aldrig med mig till gatwick.
    {vi har varit på gatwick i denna ände och bett dem leta
    i baggage handling, sara har varit på arlanda i den änden,
    – utanpå alla telefonsamtal och mail till alla möjliga & omöjliga}.
    nu har det gått fem veckor och hoppet har helt övergått i förtvivlan.

    så, – i feel you sister.

    med hopp om att Era väskor hittar rätt i slutänden
    och att mannen är vid bättre hälsa.


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