Hello & welcome to me!

I love my Monday mornings cause I start my day with updating my Instagram saying
-Hello & welcome to me, I’m Mir. What’s your name? & where are you from?
Comment below.

All the hello’s from all over the world makes my so happy and excited. Some days I’m so fed up with the shallow side of social media. This is just the opposite though, a smile and a hello. I truly love it. I need to feel and be inpired and this really puts a smile on my face, Thanks for effort !

What’s happening this week is:

  • two collaborations needs to be approved before Wednesday night.
  • Decide the autumn collection for FGL Store.

Thursday: Flying to England for a wedding, next stop after that: Spain.

A holiday has never felt so welcome as now. Time for time out.



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5 thoughts on “Hello & welcome to me!

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