The other week I met up with my friend Jennie, aka Kollijox the artist.
I think many of you might know of her.
The most colourful person I know. And so talented. And lovely. Always get very inspired by her.

They live in the city center of Varberg and. ItΒ΄s a ‘funkis’ vila. Like a box shaped house. Now I wonder why I ddn’t thought of taking any photos of the exterior.. next time!

She just painted her kitchen mint green and livingroom dusty pink. Just what we swedes need, some colour! Be bold it’s fun.

Creative people always inspires me the most. Things in every corner. Like small little things.
Like an extra spice is to your food basically.


Here is the other side of her kitchen.

A livingroom in pink is never boring is it?!

The Hulk asks if you have a bad eye sight since you ‘piss next to the toilet’ maybe its not the eye, it could be your bent knob too.. I mean WHY NOT! this makes me so happy.

Jills bed room. Also by Kollijox art.

Zeke the dog joined us for a walk in the forest later on. It’s not a secret, Zeke is her little baby boy.

Jennie is not only a skilled artist, she is a master of creating gardens too.
She said she will have an exhibition in her green house:Β 10-11th of May. Between 11-17 o’clock.Don’t miss out!
A lot of great things will be for sale.

I need to come back again to take many more photos.. this was only few % of their house..

Thanks Jennie, you are awesome in every way possible!


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