I often get many questions regarding our dreamy green house.
So it’s time to share just how we made it. Spring is here, so it’s a perfect time for you to start building one.

At first: Start collecting lots of different sized old windows. Blocket is your best friend, or if you’re very lucky, know someone who just bought an old house.
Our friends did and my cousin as well. So we were lucky.
We drove along way to get the old double doors, but so worth it. The doors plus different windows are what makes the whole green house so special.

What you need to plan is how big you want it to be and what foundation you want. We rented a digger and dug down about 50 cm to fill up with ‘makadam’ afterwards.

We chose these grey blocks. Two layers up, which is 40cm high.

Now the fun part starts, at least it was for me. To play around with what window go where. Jake is very handy so he built the frame as we were planning.
There are a few gaps so we just put some wood there. Since the top part is made of old wood it looks very nice to have the back wall in the same.

Another tiny gap Jake filled with bamboo, it’s now a home for the leaf cutter bees.
We also made a hatch in one corner, so we could open if it gets to hot in there. Our tomato plants loves that.
The wood that was used was mostly left overs from our old deck.

If I don’t remember wrong I think we spent in total of 6000 sek.

Wishing you all good luck and please share your pictures with us. I created the tag #visomharväxthus when we were building ours,
I think it’s about 1000 pictures tagged in there, so there is plenty of inspiration.


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