My friend Marie is the most gentle soul. Always so happy and encouraging. She is a ‘doer’ for sure. Never a dull moment. She’s driven by feeling. That’s what I love about artists, how they create when they get that ‘feeling’. Marie has been a potter for over ten years and has her studio outside their lovely house.

Their house is one of the oldest in Bua. The house was built by Marie’s grandparents, so it’s been in their family for generations.

Mary, as I call her, also paints and makes the coolest sculptures.
Next time I will sit as a model, god knows how that’s gonna go because I’m so shy.
– No no, you will not even think about it when you’re sitting there naked for few hours. 
-You don’t think? nooooo, of course not, I will talk you through it the whole time.
I do like to put myself into awkward positions though, I believe that’s the time you grow as a person. So I will do it. (scared) hahahah.
We also decided I need to learn more about pottery, and obviously I need to create my own series of cups, plates and bowls. Looking forward to becoming your student Mary.

We see each other weekly over a cup of coffee. Every time there’s always a new subject to talk about, the love of hens, dreams about living in Europe and we often talk about flowers and our gardens. We hangout in her studio a lot, I literally want everything she creates.

All the dreams about southern Europe and small caraffes of wine,
Mary gave me her first made caraffe. I love it!
Perfect to pour a glass or two.

Wishing I can buy this pot. It’s made by Daniel, a relative to Mary. Fingers crossed that this could be mine!

Love the details in this home, all the doors are original. Same with the floor. The house it’s only a tiny part. Their green house is so beautiful and not to talk about the garden. I will bring my camera again and share more photos with you.

Thanks for all the sunshine Mary. You must visit her online shop. Full with beauty!

Till next time


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15 thoughts on “NEVER A DULL MOMENT

  1. Åh fina fina Marie!
    Varje gång vi träffar på varandra någonstans säger vi att vi ska ses över en kopp kaffe hos henne och prata. Men av någon anledning har det ännu inte blivit av. Måste ta tag i det. I hennes sällskap mår man alltid bra.

    1. Så roligt hanna! du skulle komma på föreläsningen på kvällen va? har för mig jag såg ditt namn, isf ses vi då! kram

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