the other week

Last week we had so much snow. Bua village was a winter wonder land, but the snow never lasts down south, only takes few days and it’s all gone.

I had to share these pictures because today it’s foggy and grey. So gloomy and boring.

Even I enjoy the snow when it’s this much. It happens once a year for 48h approx..
Our hens stayed inside for two long days, refused to go out. Too cold!

When it was snowing the most I was inside sending pictures over WhatsApp to our vendor in India. Right now FGL’s very busy getting everything ordered in time before the high season. Our collection takes a long time to produce due to the natural processes.

I can tell you there’re many photos shared between us, colour approvals, small detail changes like pockets being smaller or frills to a skirt or simple adjustments.

Small things make a huge difference in the end.  Thank god for wifi, WhatsApp, emails & FaceTime.




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