Things have really changed for me this year and as a free lancer,  that means being ‘up to date’ with my CV.  It’s all new at the moment, sending lots of emails regarding me and promoting myself.  Could be signed up to all casting sites after today. My love is to be creative and do different things. I’m a yes sayer for sure.
Just added lectures to it! I already have a few more coming up this spring/summer.

What I’m aiming for this year is to grow other companies social medias, build their platforms, being their creative producer and help those who don’t have time nor skill.

I’m going to do more collaborations on my own platform from now on. Free lance as it’s best.

In LA I met Camilla, the sweetest girl who gave me lots of her contacts in Stockholm.

Today has been a full on when it comes to talking about myself and what I do. So wish me luck.

Hello world I’m coming for ya!

/ m


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2 thoughts on “CASTINGS

  1. Alltså när kommer kan jag lägga beslag på dom där shortsen? 🙂 Och den prickiga klänningen som du har på headerbilden, sååå himla fina!