Fairfax Flea Market

I love finding the old and used. Always an untold story behind every piece and the feeling of re-using is awesome. Keeps the wallet happy too!

My last purchase was a vase from the flea market in Fairfax, Los Angeles. Top market to visit by the way. A must if you like vintage art, jewellery, pottery, candles, etc.
Perfect way to spend a Sunday, in the sun, according to me.

Heart shaped glasses, perfect buy for that upcoming shoot in Joshua Tree.

It’s basically crystals shops in each corner in LA. Crystals aren’t as expensive here as back home.

Just after this picture was taken I found the vase of all vases.

It took all my space in my hand luggage, heavy as hell, but so worth it.
Don’t hesitate when finding stuff abroad there’s always a way to bring it back home if you really want it. One time I brought a floor lamp all the way back from Greece to Sweden. Just a bit of subborness is needed.






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4 thoughts on “Fairfax Flea Market

    1. ja man vill vara där varje söndag så mysigt! billigt med, man kan göra riktiga fina fynd! älskar min vas!