Linneá my farmor & Mentor in life

Meet Linneá, my ‘farmor’ and she turns 100 at the start of June.
One more powerful lady you have to look for. All my life we´ve been sharing our stories over cups of coffee. At 3pm obviously. Important to drink a cup or two at that time!

When I grew up she took me and my sister Karolin to Europe every year. Twelve trips all together, last one to Tunisia, when Linneá was 89 years young then. That’s 10 years ago, and she still keeps saying how wonderful it was.
In the end memories are all we have and  I’m so grateful for those we have created.

Besides being the best travel companion, ‘Farmor’ -translation fathers mother- has always been a great mentor in my life.
Kind words, positive thinking and being involved in everything I’ve done. She taught me that I can do anything I want to!

Everywhere in her home there are memories from different harbours they travelled to. Linnea and her husband were sailing during the second world war.

Gran is full of stories from back in the days! Long before the war started.  You could sit for hours and  listen to them.

The ship Anita illustrated in the picture below was the one in which they sailed with during the war. 1939-1940.

My grandad had permission to go home for two days during that time, for his own marriage.
They got married 1940 in June.

Newly weds, then off he went, to return after six long months at sea.

Back then they could only get updates via radio, news paper or written letters. To pass time Linnea would sew and knit whilst waiting for her husband, Bror.

The green curtain in the picture, was made from that time! Still going strong. Talk about having a story untold.

A Swallows meaning -is an enduring symbol of a promise to return. 

Pictures of her mum and dad and auntie hang on the wall.
Linneás Auntie Hilda lived in Chicago for years, but came back to Sweden cause she and her best friend Britta opened a bed & breakfast together in Frillesås, they had it for years. When they retired they moved into the city and shared an apartment. Imagine back then, two women living together. Little did they care.
I’m really glad they stayed together until the end!

Linneás is very well known lady in Bua. The oldest too I guess. Since her memory is like no others, she is really special to this village. All her stories about everyones relatives and how this village was built up by the local families.
She always says that anyone can come by for a cup of coffee, so please do.

I can only finish with saying I love you lots, – your grand daugther Miranda.


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  1. Tänk vad fantastiskt det vore att göra en film med Linnea där hon berättar om allt hon upplevt och om Bua.