Sisterhood Collection

8th of March. International Womens Day.

It was meant to be today – the release of our new collection Sisterhood,
Last week when planning, we simply said Thursday next week will be good, enough time to finish it all. Turned out it is International Womans day! How fantastic, it feels extra special!

The collection is very close to our hearts.
FGL have been working very hard for the past 6 months to make this happen.
The tee’s have their own power names, such as Speak UpBe strongFreedom to mention a few.

We want to share with you what we believe the right to freedom is for all women.

-It is to not be afraid of being physically and mentally abused and raped in your own home.
Everyone is entitled to feel free – without fear.
Everywhere – but above all in your own home.
This is a right and at the same time stating the obvious.

Therefore, at FGL Store we have created a collection to draw attention to this taboo subject.
Above all, to highlight the problem in our society. We want to share knowledge, encourage civil courage and commitment. This is our way of reaching out to people.
Violence in homes must be prevented and stopped.
Together with Women’s Shelter in Varberg, we aim to highlight the information below.
Our thoughts are that many would like to help out – but don’t really know how.

If you hear or see a woman being physically assaulted, call the police immediately. You can remain anonymous. Simply reacting when you hear or see something that worries you, may save someone’s life.

• If you suspect that a woman is being abused – reach out a hand. Offer support.  Be prepared to be rejected. But on the day she needs to escape a destructive relationship, she’s likely to contact you.

• All women need an escape plan for the day that they have enough courage and strength to leave. You can call the women’s shelter and ask for advice if you are unsure about how to get help for an abused woman.

• The Women’s Shelter always needs volunteers.  It could be to take calls from the hotline 3-4 times a year or give your time when & where the Women’s Shelter spreads information.

• The Women’s Shelter is always in need of cellphones, ipads, diapers, hygiene articles and basic supplies plus somewhere to store these items.

• Most importantly, they need housing – so women have a chance to start a new life.

• Maybe companionship is something you can offer. Have a coffee or go for a walk.


With all our love,




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8 thoughts on “Sisterhood Collection

  1. Ett så viktigt ämne att belysa och våga prata om.
    Fantastiskt initiativ med denna fina kollektion.
    Önskar att den fanns i min storlek, men förstår att det är mycket att begära.